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Changing Room Selfies Christmas Pyjamas

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As exciting as it is to get all dressed up for various Christmas parties, there's nothing quite as satisfying as jumping into your pyjamas the minute you get home after a long day in the cold.

And I don't know about you but pjs play a key part in my Christmas day routine (i.e. getting dressed up, eating all the food then changing into something wayy comfier). So, in the spirit of being super prepared and not relying on your nan to have put a new set under the tree for you, we tried on the best jim-jams that M&S, aka, home of comfy loungewear, has to offer.


Debrief Changing Room Selfies Christmas Pyjamas

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1. Checkered Out

There's nothing that says classic sleepwear quite like a red and white check set. Let's call this the most inoffensive of pyjama offerings. The sort that you'd wear when you're not about causing a fuss or making a show. Just here to quietly melt into a sofa and not get up for the foreseeable future. M&S Collection, Pure Cotton Checked Pyjama Set, £27.50; M&S Collection, Fur Slipper Boots, £17.50

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2. Big Kid's Christmas

You know all those theories about how we all regress to a childlike state when we return to our family homes? You can totally ramp that up with these cute penguin covered pjs. Expect your grandparents to dote on you and parent unable to shout at you for rolling in drunk at 4am on Christmas day. Because who can be mad at someone wearing penguins? M&S Collection, Penguin All Over Print Pyjamas, £18; M&S Collection, Fur Slipper Boots, £17.50

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3. The 'I'm Pretending To Have My Shit Together'

If you're committed to looking really 'together' while you lounge, M&S have this Victoria Secret-esque ensemble going. Cosy isn't quite the word, and probably not a great set to eat/drink/do anything that involves getting a little messy in. BUT if you get caught in the back of your brother's Instagram you'll look really good. Autograph, Striped Long Sleeve Tencel® Pyjamas, £40; M&S Collection, Pearl Detail Fur Mule Slippers, £15

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4. Lounge Lover

No messing with this one, kids. No frills (literally), no fuss (at all), just super soft material that's forgiving enough for you to go for that third helping of Christmas dinner without worrying about being restricted by your clothes. We're big fans. M&S Collection, Long Sleeve Cropped Pyjama Set, £32; M&S Collection, Cropped Pyjama Bottoms, £16; M&S Collection, Pearl Detail Fur Mule Slippers, £15

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5. Impractical But Sure

Here's what to wear if you're spending your first Christmas with your lover (and not their parents) and pretend that you're as comfortable and confident in a silky nightgown as Rosie Huntington-Whitley. Rosie For Autograph, Luxurious Pure Cashmere Long Dressing Gown, £199; M&S Collection, Satin Strappy Nightdress, £25

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6. Make A Meal Of It

For when you want to feel extra but don't want to wear real, actual clothes built for the outdoors, you have this. The satin will make you feel all fancy when in reality you'll be doing little more than moving between the kitchen and the living room. But at least you'll know on the inside that you've upped your sartorial game. Rosie For Autograph, Satin Floral Print Pyjamas, £35

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