Remembering China White’s Union Of Early 2000s Z-A List Celebrities

A moment of silence for China White and their roll call of Z-A list celebs.

China White Club Union Of Z-A List Celebrities Flashback Throwback

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Not to give London’s China White the same level of importance as the iconic Studio54 or anything but (bear with us for a second,) there are some venues that become a little microcosm of the world around them. China White, in the early 2000s, was exactly that, ushering in everyone from the Z to the A list through their doors and making many a headline in the process.

Let’s cast our minds back to a time many, many moons ago, long before selfies, before the entire night out was catalogued on Insta Stories and / or Snapchat... A time where Z-A list celebrities roamed freely without the offending paparazzi photos. Oh, wait…

All Rise


Potentially can’t get more early 2000’s than Simon Webb from boyband Blue rocking a questionable head to toe denim look and white beret. We’d ask WHYYY Simon but we’re afraid he probably wasn’t all that out of place in 2003…

Royal Blood

You know how Prince Harry is considered the party animal of the royal family? China White played a preeeetty big role in the forming of this stereotype.

Playboy Bunny

Question: If social media existed in the early 2000's would Hugh Heffner and his Playboy bunnies ever have been a “thing” or would the girls simply have uploaded thousands of selfies onto Instagram and created their own multi-million person followings? Errmm.. probably the latter, tbh.

Katie Price As Jordan

You can tell Katie Price was still Jordan by those boobs and that teeny, teeny, tiny belt she’s wearing as a skirt. Well played on the re-birth, Jords.

Boys To The Yard

The year was circa 2003 and that outfit…. very 2003.

Atomic Kitten

Ohmygaaa, we had almost forgotten all about Atomic Kitten which would have been a real shame considering how very, very good* Whole Again* was and that they’re about to embark on a reunion tour which we will probably not be attending but hey we can always reminisce.

Do Not Resuscitate

From Gavin Henson’s blazer and tie over jeans look (can we just take a moment to say THANK YOU men of 2017 for not attempting to pull this off) to Charlotte Church’s dress and bleached bob, this whole thing is so painfully early 2000s we can hardly force ourselves to look away.

Forever Kinda Love

Aaaand sometimes celebrities fall in love and stay that way. Noel Gallagher and his now wife Sara Mcdonald were pictured looking super adorbs and pretty happy with each other at China White’s reopening party in 2009. They got married a couple of years later and have been together ever since. They even seem to have avoided ageing. Impressive.

The Original "Going Out" Top

It was the year before Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley officially became a Victoria’s Secret model, and she was still only a little known, albeit with very big potential. Here, she rocks the 2009 version of the “going out top,” currently making a comeback on high streets and Instagram feeds the world over.

Queen Of The Underground

Because it’s not a party / lifestyle / thing worth mentioning unless Kate Moss is involved.

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