5 Ways To Wear A Juicy Tracksuit Whether You Want To Look Like Paris Hilton Or Not

Proof that you don’t need to live a Simple Life to pull off Juicy!

5 Ways To Wear A Juicy Tracksuit Without Looking Like Paris Hilton

by Taiba Akhuetie |
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Contentious as it is, Juicy Couture is back. After it’s collaboration with Vetements, the LA label has been riding on a high. But, it wasn’t that long ago when memories of how celebrities from J.Lo to Lindsay Lohan’s mum wore their velour ten years ago were tinged with cringes. But, the truth is, the diversity of its newly engaged fans – from Kylie Jenner to the Vogue US team – is a reminder of just how versatile this actually look is.

In the early 2000s, anyone and everyone (even those that shirk from the truth now) wore it. But, now even OG fans are treading more cautiously. Though there’s no need as it’s not just Juicy, track is back more generally. Athleisure is one of the few trends nearly every designer at the moment is touching on. So, I want to prove you can and should reinvent the Juicy wheel for 2017. And, here's how...

Go Large With An XL Jumper


Zara, Oversized Jumper, £30; Juicy Couture Jogger, £150, ASOS; ** Boohoo, Melissa Pearl And Faux Fur Slider, £12

I amped up the low-fi vibes of the track pants with a supple oversized sweater. A pair of fluffy slides added glamour to an otherwise under-the-radar outfit.

Give In To Nostalgia And Add A Denim Mini

Juicy Couture Colourblock Track Jacket, £151, ASOS; Zara, Frayed Denim Skirt, £26; Zara, Feather Slides, £30

Everyone in my class at school had a denim mini skirt at one point in the early Noughties. So, let this forgotten essential see the light of day once again. And, just like old times, let its old pal, a Juicy zip-up, accompany it. I added a net top to bring this look into the Twenty-First Century.

Try An Unorthodox Slinky Accent

Zara, Camisole Dress, £30; Juicy Couture Jogger, £150, ASOS; Boohoo, Melissa Pearl And Faux Fur Slider, £12

Date night dressing makes me want to shudder. And, velour and silk sound a little too luxe to handle. But, not when it includes Juicy. Think of the track brand as a solvent for anything that edges on try-hard. So, slip on that spaghetti strap dress you brought last summer next time your swipe right turns out to be alright.

The Great Un-Tuck

Boohoo, Niamh Velvet Padded Jacket, £45; Marques’Almeida, Stonewash Denim Zip-Up High-Collar Top, £195; Juicy Couture Jogger, £150, ASOS; Adidas Originals, Stan Smiths, £75, ASOS

Length is key when it comes to layering. Too short and it doesn’t count, too long and it can be swamping. So, if you’re going to refrain from tucking in, pick a shirt with an interesting hem e.g. this Marques’Almeida number.

Don’t Try Too Hard

ASOS, Metal Square Aviator Sunglasses In Black With Yellow Coloured Lens, £12;Juicy Couture Colourblock Track Jacket, £151, ASOS; Juicy Couture Jogger, £150, ASOS; Zara, Feather Slides, £30

The saying goes, ‘If ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. And, I’m keen to agree. I purposefully didn’t pick a trad tracksuit, because the side stripes, which FYI unzip to reveal a hot pink flare, stop this looking tragically 2000-and-late. One tip, make sure your accessories are on point for this season as it will alleviate the weight of nostalgia dangling from the hems of this outfit.

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