The Celine Luggage Bag Confirms 'It' Status With Booming Sales Reported By Retailers

The Celine Luggage Bag Confirms 'It' Status With Booming Sales Reported By Retailers

    By Katherine Ormerod Posted on 11 Nov 2014

    Last Friday we noted a particularly interesting tweet from a PR at luxury department store Harvey Nichols concerning the endlessly-covetable Celine Luggage Tote. Rather than waning in popularity, Phoebe Philo’s first It-Bag for Celine, launched way back in Spring 2010 has grown in stature with Harvey Nicks reporting its biggest ever sales of the style this month. The tweet got us thinking about what makes a true It Bag and the ingredients needed to reach the status of proper arm candy icon.

    One thing is clear: A-list credentials alone are not enough to sustain the position of a tote on the It-Bag-ometer. And however much we might go gaga for furry embellished, colour clashing bags at the beginning of the season, the totes that stand the test of time are always classically chic and simple to a fault. Chanel’s 2.55, Hermes’ Birkin and Kelly and even the new ‘It’ on-the-block, Saint Laurent’s Duffle all share a clean simplicity in terms of design. Totally lacking accoutrements, each of the true ‘It’ bags are identifiable at a hundred paces due to their distinctive lines and construction.

    It Bags, Old & New, Clockwise from top Left: Hermes Kelly, Chanel 2.55, Hermes Birkin, Saint Laurent Duffle

    So what is it in particular about the Luggage Tote that has garnered such endless popularity? A proper ‘It bag’ is functional as well as chic – if a bag doesn’t work it will never get hit the ‘It’ big time. The Luggage Tote is roomy, thus ideal for day, whether you are dressing for the office or the gym. The easy to carry handles and simple front zip also add function to form. Importantly the Luggage Tote feels substantial, like you are investing in properly well-made, quality crafted heirloom. Then there are the endlessly covetable colourways… If you need any more convincing of the Luggage Tote’s appeal we suggest you click through the gallery below to see the stars who have already fallen for its charms!

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