Celine Dion Just Wore The Heart Of The Ocean In Paris

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Celine Dion

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Nobody does Couture Week in Paris like Céline Dion but nothing, nothing compares to her latest look, which has officially won the internet.

The original singer of My Heart Will Go On - a song that you have, without doubt, listened to while crying into a tub of Haagen Dazs at least once - just proved she has a better sense of humor than all of us by stepping out in a replica of the heart of the ocean necklace which featured in the same 1997 film which has become part of the singer's legacy.

We have so many questions: is this the actual necklace from the film as worn by Kate Winslet or an imitation? Does this mean the old woman didn't drop it into the ocean in the end? Truthfully, it's all just too much for a Wednesday afternoon: we weren't prepared to witness an iconic fashion moment and simultaneously be hit with all of the 90's nostalgia feelings.

Leaving the Hotel De Crillon, Dion accessorised the heart of the ocean necklace with a T-shirt reading 'I Love Paris' (with 'Hilton' scrawled underneath), some seriously angular frames and a boyfriend-fit grey Vetements blazer. There wasn't a soaked Leonardo Di Caprio in sight - but that doesn't mean we're not now petitioning for a Céline Dion-based reality TV show now...


Life Lessons From Celine Dion's Instagram - Grazia

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CREDIT: Instagram/@celinedion

Always make time for hotdogs

If you're hungry while walking past a hot dog truck dressed head to toe in Versace, go ahead and get one.

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CREDIT: Instagram/@celinedion

Write letters to your loved ones

Even if you post them on Instagram afterwards.

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CREDIT: Instagram/@celinedion

Pose like everyone’s watching

Even if you're not quite as famous as Celine Dion, her bold attitude to posing in public is a life skill worth picking up.

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CREDIT: Instagram/@celinedion

Peel back the curtain

Anyone can create a perfect façade of a flawless life on Instagram, what people really want to see is the real deal. Like this picture of Celine Dion in the studio.

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CREDIT: Instagram/@celinedion

Celebrate your achievements

Just performed at the Colloseum in Vegas? Or achieved some other work milestone? Go ahead a post a fabulous picture of you in the moment.

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CREDIT: Instagram/@celinedion

Be a big kid

Posing at Disneyland Paris, Dion looks more excited that her children. This is how we should embrace all outings – with child-like glee.

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CREDIT: Instagram/@celinedion

Be candid

Posing is out, candid snaps staring at flowers in a vase on a plane in a Gucci dress are in.

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CREDIT: Instagram/@celinedion

Don’t take yourself so seriously

Just throw yourself onto a trunk in a hallway if you feel like it.

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CREDIT: Instagram/@celinedion

Travel in style

Want to wear a a Sies Marjan suit with fluffy Manolo Blahnik slipper shoes and oversized DSquared2 sunglasses on a plane? Go for it.

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