Céline Dion Is Possibly The Only Person In The World Who Can Pull Off This Outfit

It's the freakin' weekend, and Céline knows it

celine dion chanel catsuit

by Hannah Banks-Walker |
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How's your Friday going? Mine started as most Fridays do – with a reluctant sigh as the realisation hits that there's still one more day to get through before the blessed relief of the weekend. It has, however, been somewhat transformed into something entirely more uplifting, and all thanks to one Céline Dion, otherwise known as the last remaining human embodiment of joy.

For as I type these very words, I do so to the strains of John Travolta telling the world, and me, that he has chills. And those chills are multiplying. And if you thought you looked good at that Grease fancy dress party you went to in (insert any year ever since 1978), then you ain't seen nothing yet, kids. Céline sees our basic bitch black lycra and Amazon Primed Pink Lady jackets and she raises us all a Chanel catsuit.

celine dion chanel catsuit

Yes, in Paris, outside an elegant hotel, Céline proved that she is the only person in the world who can not only wear a skin-tight Chanel one-piece, complete with logo belt, but somehow make it seem low-key and effortless. Low-key it is anything but, however, considering that the look is fresh from the Spring 2019 collection – belt sold separately.

Do I have anything profound to say about this, other than the fact that, whatever happens, today will always be known as the day Céline Dion made me feel happiness while reading the news? No, I do not. But considering my usual feelings while scanning a day's headlines, this in itself is no mean feat. And I am, and forever will be, hopelessly devoted to Céline Dion.

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