Cara Delevingne’s Making Us Want A Tuxedo. So We Found Some For You Too

And believe us, it took a while to hunt down the best ones...


by Pandora Sykes |
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Something happens to Cara Delevingne when she goes out after dark. Gone arethe grunge t-shirts and beanie hats - and in are the slicker-than-slick tuxedos, worn with a side-sweep of loose hair and a bare decolletage. In recent weeks there's been a custom-made La Perla one with a matching LP lace bustier underneath, a midnight blue Mulberry one (worn in honour of her collaboration with them launched at London Fashion Week) and an aubergine one by Burberry that looks ace - even in aubergine. It's proof the trouser suit is definitely back.


But whilst the tuxedo look is a strong one (all sexy and sharp), it's tough to pull off if you're not a. in fashion b. a supermodel c. really tall with a boyish figure. There is hope though if you look to Cara and follow, er, suit: think sans t-shirt, sans bra and with anything sheer underneath.

Once you've nailed that though, finding a suitable suit is even harder. I've been searching high and low for some good suits for you (and me) and let me tell you, there aren't that many out there. But - in the spirit of intrepid fashion journalism - I did find a few.

This Reiss one (Fontez Jacket, £245 and Paris Trousers, £120) is very Celine SS14.


Zara and Topshop have also come up trumps, like the forward-thinking folk they are. Don't be put off by their grey 'corporate' hue. Topshop's Collarless Pinstripe Jacket and Pinstripe Trousers, £102, willget amped up in the sexy stakes with a smokey eye and nothing underneath.


And plain white low-V tee and, for maximum lo-fi swishittude, some trainers (do we sound like a broken record yet?) are all you need to add some carelessly cool Cara vibes to Zara's Checked Blazer, £49.99 and Checked Trousers, £29.99.


But the best I've found are of course by Acne, the Scandi king of lady suiting. I've already earmarked the Navy Kid Pinstripe Trousers, £260 (seen with Cali Pinstripe Jacket in both navy and white £440) and the Kat Pinstripe Trousers, £340 would look rocking on anyone long of limb. (Their wide-fit isn't great on anyone short. Hey - we like to be honest, here at The Debrief. OK?)


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