Cara Delevingne And Kendall Jenner Starred In Chanel’s Catwalk Version Of Supermarket Sweep

There were also bubblegum pink polonecks, tweed with trainers and Chanel shopping baskets for Paris Fashion Week too


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He doesn't look like your average joker, sure - but beneath that monochromatic exterior, Karl Lagerfeld's been having some serious lols this season. At Fendi, Cara et al carried small Karlitos, with in-built webcams. And at Chanel's Paris show today, an incredible no holds barred full-scale Chanel supermarket was erected especially for the occasion (previous catwalk productions have included a merry-go-round, an iceberg and last season, an art gallery.)


We thought we'd seen it all with Jeremy Scott's McDonald's/junk food homage debut for Moschino in Milan - but then we saw that Karl had commissioned an actual Chanel deli with lashings of fromage. And a bonbon section. Oh and rogue Chanel-branded trolleys, left randomly around the Chanel 'Coco Flakes' cereal aisles. Food was seriously pun heavy - there was a leg of ham branded with a 'Jambon du Rue Cambon' stamp, riffing on the 31 Rue Cambon location of Chanel's Paris store. Even the ketchup, eggs, olive oil, marigold gloves, 'tweed cola' and toiletries (you name it) were stamped with interlocking C's.


With a truly Fast And The Furious descent to this season's front row, Michelle Rodriguez was perched on a supermarket box in situ to watch Cara walk, whilst Rihanna was also present in a boxy lilac tweed short-sleeve blouse and pencil skirt (alongside a slightly surprise appearance from Melanie Griffiths and daughter Stella Banderas) with a bevy of gigantic pearl bracelets adorning one wrist. And the big catwalk-meets-celeb news? As we all suspected, Kendall was in Paris to walk for Chanel.


As for the clothes? Well the signature Chanel tweed was incarnated as super-comfortable streetwear this season. Trainers still reigned supreme (in every colour from metallic red to silver and lime green) and leggings were ubiquotous, either quilted or holey, with gold bellychains giving everything a sort of 'haute Shameless' vibe. As Kendall 'browsed' the aisles of the catwalk with her Chanel shopping basket (made of woven leather and draped in chains) in an oversized tweed crombie coat and black Chanel trainers, Cara and Lindsay Wixson channelled saccharine streetwear in a bubblegum pink cropped poloneck and legging co-ords (Cara's was adorned with Edam-like holes) worn with pink tweed duster coats. Ponytails were thick and lustrous, with ragtweed dreadlocks woven into the thick ponies by hairdresser Sam McKnight.


The collection then moved into a hugely colourful and 'off-kilter chic' vibe, with Nadja Bender (other supermodels included Sam Rollinson, Joan Smalls and Stella Tennant) taking a trip around the supermarket in a sugar-pink houndstooth tweed suit and matching boater, accompanied by a dashing older man carrying her legion of Chanel shopping bags. Tonal blocking was big: there was a purple tweed suit and an orange sweater and trouser outfit surely destined for some Swiss 'apres ski', as well as silver maxi dresses, holographic leggings and a somewhat polarising burgundy tweed onesie (below) with blouson sleeves and legs and a nipped in waist. Bright red and pink statement dresses were covered in petalas and offset with lace-up trainer-type boots.


For the finale of a young, fun and colourful Chanel collection, Cara and a smiley Karl took a turn around the supermarket. Now how can we get that leg of jambon?


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