Exclusive: Candice Swanepoel On The New Victoria’s Secret Angels

Exclusive: Candice Swanepoel On Fitness And The New Victoria's Secret Angels


by Grazia |

We caught up with Victoria's Secret angel Candice Swanepoel to ask how she stays in shape, how she plans on initiating the ten new Victoria's Secret angels and to find out what is Bombshells Day...

Grazia Daily: Big news from Victoria's Secret this week with the 10 new angels. How excited are you?

Candice: "Yes! The family is getting bigger. I'm very excited to get to know the new girls. I have already formed a relationship with some of them because as you know you have to earn your wings, so a bunch have been working with us already like Lais, Jasmine and they are all very, very sweet."

****Grazia Daily: How do you support new girls coming in and prepare them for what it takes to be an angel?

Candice: "I mean for me specifically, I don't make them feel too nervous. Just break the ice and have them feel a little more at home and not in a competitive environment - we're all out there and it's good to bond over that."

****Grazia Daily: Do you do anything to initiate them being an angel and celebrate?

Candice: "Not really. We are all travelling all over the world so it's very seldom that we're all in the same place - it's more like on birthdays or special events we see each other. We've not all been together yet - that will be a miracle when we're all together in the same place! I mean it's even hard for me to keep in touch with my best friends like Behati and Lily so - thank god for group chats on Whatsapp."

Grazia Daily: Do you have angels Whatsapp group?

Candice: "Noo not really - with a couple of my friends."


Grazia Daily: Who do you like to follow on Instagram?

Candice: "I follow way too many people! I try to follow things that are inspirational - nature and travel photography, National Geographic, the Bob Marley archive, all my friends so I can see what they are doing. For fitness inspiration I love Badgalriri."

Is there anything you wouldn't post?

**Candice: **"I like to show a little bit of my personal life but not too much, I try not to post pictures of my family. I don't like to see rude comments on my friends and family. My friends who aren't models. I also wouldn't post all the nudes that I have! I keep it pretty light hearted so hopefully nobody takes it too seriously."

****Grazia Daily: How do you stay in shape?

** Candice:** "In the past year I've really got into yoga because if you work all day it's hard to do an intense work out so it's meditation and fitness together. Barre training where I get to use my ballet training and weights."


Grazia Daily: If you could tell us about Bombshells Day

Candice: "Victoria's Secret has proclaimed May 2nd Bombshells Day and it's actually a legitimate holiday now in America. It gives us another chance to pamper ourselves and get more in touch with our sexy side - I'm all in."

Grazia Daily: What do you enjoy doing in your free time to give yourself a treat?

Candice: "I'm pretty low key in my free time - if I'm not travelling to a beach somewhere I'm at home. I like to get a massage every now and then. I'm a nest builder - I like to be online looking on interiors and hanging out with friends, maybe go with a tea somewhere. Oh and occasional going out and dancing."

What do you like doing to make yourself feel like a bombshell?

Candice: "If I'm with my friends we'll probably do a spa day. To get in the mood, I'll do a nice blow out or I love doing my own makeup. Sometimes I prefer doing it myself. I get to work with some of the best makeup artists in the world so it's better when they do it - but I have fun with it."


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