11 Awesome Things To Buy With Cacti On Them

Need some more prickly cactus stuff in your life? Here's what to buy.

11 Awesome Things To Buy With Cactuses On Them

by Jess Commons |
Published on

We've managed to kill not one, not two, but six different cacti plants in The Debrief office.

How that's done, I'm not quite sure. I'm pretty certain you need to go out of your way to kill a cactus. Nevertheless, we've killed six.

It's therefore safer for us to keep our cacti on our clothes. Here's a few things we're into.

1. This cactus swimsuit


Topshop, £28

2. This cactus t-shirt

Yesstyle, £11.45

3. This cactus print

Ingrid Petrie Design, £15

4. This cactus jewellery stand

LalaLand, £15

5. This cactus terrarium necklace

Finest Imaginary, £30

6. This catus phone case

Mango, £9.99

7. This cactus t-shirt

ASOS, £16

8. Or this cactus phone case

Redbubble, £19.17

9. This cactus t-shirt

YoYoMelody, £9.54

  1. This cactus sticker

Redbubble, £1.74

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