Bows And Ribbons Were All Over The Catwalk. So Here’s How To DIY Your Own

Tips from the bow experts at VV Rouleaux – turned into GIFS


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Bows aren’t just for Minnie Mouse and your little sister’s ankle socks anymore. They were all over the SS15 catwalk, from the giant bow headpieces at Sibling to the elegant ribbons that doubled up as belts at Burberry. But unlike Moschino’s mirrored Barbie smartphone cover, this is an eminently DIY-able wardrobe update.

No one knows her way around a good bow better than VV Rouleaux founder Annabel Lewis. Her West London ribbon emporium is hailed as ‘sex on a spool’ and has supplied inspiration (and trimmings) to designers like Tom Ford and Manolo Blahnik.

According to her, you can use any fabric or ribbon for bow-making, but it’s best to use wire edge ribbon to make sure bows keep their shape and stay perky. ‘Wire edge ribbon splays out and makes the perfect bow, so you don’t need to put stiffening in it,’ she explains. ‘The rabbit ears (ie ribbon loops) stay beautifully.’

Jonathan Saunder’s neck bows

‘That one is tied exactly like how you would tie a shoelace,’ Annabel says. ‘It’s actually quite simple.’ Get some extra-wide ribbon and loop it around your neck, as you would with a shawl. Tie the ribbon in a knot, making sure the ends are equal in length.

Make a loop with the lower part of the ribbon. The other end of the ribbon goes over the top of the first loop. Pull it through the loop itself until you have a second loop of the same size.

Basically, think of how you’d tie the laces on your Nike Frees – it’s the same principle. If you’re still confused, this video goes through it step by step.

Moschino and Sibling’s giant hair bows

Lay a long piece of fabric or ribbon on a flat surface and cross over its two ends like a shawl. Pinch the fabric together in the centre and then tie it off with some florist’s wire. If you want to disguise the tails of the ribbon, fold them into the centre. Cover the wire and tails with another piece of fabric.

Pro tip: ‘To make sure it remains attached to your actual hair, I’d use a large 100mm long comb or stitch it on a headband,’ Annabel says.

Burberry’s cinched waist bows

‘I like the last one best,’ Annabel says. ‘This one has two ends and one loop at one side – you can see the two ends dangling out. It looks rather chic with it coming tight out of the sides.’

It might look complicated, but this belted Burberry look is a cinch (sorry). Use a wide tulle ribbon for the same delicate, raw-edged effect. Tie the fabric around your waist, keeping the right hand side slightly longer than the left.

Make a loop with the right side. Cross the left side over the top of the loop – just like the shoelace bow – but pull the ribbon all the way through instead of making another loop. You’ll end up with a loop on one side and two tails on the other.

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