Blogger The Frugality Recommends An E-Store You Can Afford, Even When Very Skint

Alexandra Stedman of The Frugality tells us how to shop more, for less


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It's only 8th January, and pay day is basically still three weeks away. Sigh.

But it's the New Year and we're basically itching to go shopping and buy stuff to a) make us feel better because the weather is miserable and b) make us feel like we've entered a whole new more stylish phase of our lives.

With both of these concepts at odds we figured for this week's shop profile we should speak to an expert in savvy spending - Alex Stedman, aka the blogger behind The Frugality.


Alex's expertise lies in the fact that she doesn't believe in paying a fortune for stuff for the sake of it.

'As someone constantly on a budget, shopping around is a necessity for me,' she explains. 'A little while ago I came across Piperlime - it's basically a cross between Gap and J Crew, in both style and price range,' she continues, 'they stock brands as well as their own collection and all the pieces have that cool, Californian vibe.'

Check out Alex's top picks available on Piperlime right now:

An All Purpose Sweater


Sweatshirt, £34.34

'This sweatshirt is a dead ringer for a 3.1 Phillip Lim one I was obsessed with a while back. It'd look great with a pair of boyfriend jeans and heels,' says Alex. We reckon this is one of those sweaters that you can throw on when you feel hungover that will make you look instantly human. Nay, well put-together.

**A Simple Black Shirt Dress **


Dress, £61.16

Alex reckons everyone needs a black shirt dress in their life. 'This one is not too ladylike and is screaming out for a pair of Ancient Greek sandals,' she says.

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A Double Breasted Blazer


Blazer, £61.16

Feeling like you need to up your game in the workwear stakes? Try a smart blazer. 'I could see my style crush, Emanuelle Alt, in this (if she wasn't wearing Balenciaga, that is) with a white tee and white skinny jeans,' explains Alex.

**A Black Mini You Can Wear Anywhere **


Mini skirt, £54.29

'A black (faux) leather mini is the ultimate style staple and will work with everything in my wardrobe,' says Alex. This one has horizontal panels and a sheer dropped lining, making it a bit more designer looking than your average pelmet style mini.

**A Boho Top **


Top, £87.96, Velvet by Graham & Spencer at PiperLime

'This is the kind of top I wish I had more of - that boho, Californian top which looks amazing with ripped denim cut-offs and a Birkenstock,' says Alex. 'But then I remember I live in freezing England and my next holiday is not for way too long.'

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