Blogger Charlotte Martin Shows Us How To Get Dressed, So Now We Can Look Like Her

Founder of Iamcharlottemartin is the queen of bed head hair and khol liner - here's how to get her look


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Blogger Charlotte Martin's style is hard to pin down in fashion terms - her slightly grungey, almost minimal look with mussed up hair and smokey eyes is unusually eclectic. 'My look is too messy to be minimal,' Charlotte explains, 'and no outfit is complete for me without obligatory eye bags and unkempt hair.'

In short founder of iamcharlottemartin, with over 45k followers on Instagram, is a bit of a fashion babe. Not just because she has great taste, but because she wears everything with a laid back air of an off duty female rock star. Want to look as nonchalantly stylish? We caught up with Charlotte to help you follow her lead.

Wear A Lot Of Monochrome, Everywhere


'I’m in wardrobe limbo at the moment as I’m in the process of moving, but there’s a lot of obvious stuff going on including black, white, grey and too many trainers,' says Charlotte.

**Be Sure To Steal From Your BF **


'I’m always ‘borrowing’ my boyfriend’s clothes, especially his jackets,' says Charlotte. 'I’ve been lusting over a lot of menswear pieces recently so it’s only inevitable that some of his wardrobe goes ‘missing’.'

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**If In Doubt, Do It Like Debbie **


'My style icon is always Debbie Harry. No-one can ever make damaged hair look as good as her, but can I have an honourable mention for Patti Smith too?!'

Use Pinterest For Inspo

'At the moment, there’s a lot of Christophe Lemaire and Haider Ackermann plastering my Pinterest boards and of course, there’s always Acne,' she says.

visit CHARLOTTE MARTIN's profil.

Get The Basics Right, And The Rest Will Follow


'Usually, accessory wise I can't live without my men’s Daniel Wellington ‘Sheffield’ watch in silver that adorns my wrist but recently I’ve switched it up with these silver bound cuffs from The Haute Pursuit shop. I also honestly don’t know how people can live without a leather biker jacket.'

**And Don't Be Afraid To Use High Tech Tools **


'I use platforms like Polyvore to record outfits that I’ve worn or intend to wear,' explains Charlotte. 'I’m usually in a rush so I’ll simply scroll through my sets when I’m pushed for time and choose an outfit that way. If I’m totally at a loss, my go to uniform consists of black jeans, Adidas Superstars, a turtleneck and my leather jacket.'

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