Blogger Charlie Barker Let’s Us In On The Sassiest E-Store We’ve Ever Clicked

We asked one of the most creative bloggers we've ever met to introduce us to her secret shopping spot


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Charlie Barker is newly signed at Select model agency, but oh my gawd is she so much more than a pretty face. The 18 year old photographer and artist is the founder of blog Cute But Psycho and now has 417k followers on Instagram, and another 65k on Twitter, all tuning in to see the explosion of creative amazingness that continually pours out of her.

Her mash-up of arty colour explorations via fashion, design and all round awesome/weird images (that totally make us wish we had her brain) made us think that she probably shops somewhere cool. And we were right.

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We asked Charlie which E-store she goes to to get her fix for digi prints and witty, attitudinal pieces that wouldn't suit wallflowers, and she let us into the secret that is WIA Collections - a haven for pastel themed sass. 'The clothing there really fits my aesthetic because my favourite colours are pink, blue, black and yellow - plus I love graphic prints,' says Charlie. The brand is Spanish, but delivers here. Now check out Charlie's top pieces in e-store.


Dress, £129

'I love this dress because it's black and goes with everything, but it’s also long so I can wear it casually or when I am attending an event. Plus it also ties in with what I enjoy doing - my blog.'


Satin T shirt, £77

'Cornrows are my look! Who wouldn't want those on a T shirt?!' says Charlie. We also crush on Charlie's bleached blonde hair with flicks of pastel colours running through it, so we don't blame her for wanting a T shirt that looks like her own head. Plus the back of the T has a notepad on it, which makes us smile.


Bomber, £376

'I am fascinated with the effect of water and liquids - I love digital prints and this bomber is the perfect shape. This jacket basically describes me,' Charlie explains. We heart the USB patch that says: 'Sorry I can't come to your birthday, there's a rumour going around that you don't have wifi' for big fashion lolz.


Hoodie, £440

'This is the best hoodie to rock during the cold winter months, and I'd wear it with the funeral blogging dress. I love the yellow faux fur and the number of ‘likes’ on the back.'


T shirt, £123

'Flip phones NEED to make a comeback! This shirt is so bad, its good and who doesn’t love a mean girls quote?!' says Charlie. We couldn't agree more.

Now check these other brilliant buys from WIA:

Oversized T shirt, £92, skirt, £59, T shirt, £55

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