Blogger Audrey Rogers Tells Us How To Pull Off That “Effortless” Parisian Look

The blogger might even persuade you into culottes


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Blogger Audrey Leighton Rogers has 29,000 followers on Instagram, and each and every one is hooked to her slightly girly, slightly polished and ever-evolving style. It also helps that she lives in Paris, and most of her pictures include a swoony scene of the Eiffel tower, or similarly romantic French architecture.

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The 26 year old started her blog BeFrassy in 2009, and is the queen of creating inspirational images that are just the right side of French chic without being too nauseatingly beautiful to bother taking seriously.

Hence why we spoke to Audrey to discover her most pertinent style tips – for the rest of us to steal:

Learn To Appreciate Good Quality Stuff


Since moving to Paris a few years ago (she's American born and bred) Audrey has found some pretty cool mates, including lots of designers working for major fashion houses. 'Their friendship has taught me more about the industry and background behind the clothes that this city is celebrated for – Paris has taught me to appreciate quality,' says Audrey. This handbag looks like it will still boast the same boho cool in 100 years, and if you invest in a few well-made items, you won't have to keep doing that annoying eBay flog every year.

Be Militant With Your Wardrobe Organisation


We were pretty speechless when Audrey sent us a pic of her wardrobe. Let's be honest, this isn't really a wardrobe. It's the dream. 'My accessorising rule is that you should choose one statement piece, a hat, a huge scarf or big pearl earrings – keep it simple and uncomplicated.' That's probably pretty easy to do when you can see everything laid out like this, instead of falling out on top of you as you claw to the back of your IKEA flatpack wardrobe.

Surround Yourself With Stylish Inspo


'Goldie Hawn in Overboard and Sienna Miller in Factory Girl are such style inspirations to me,' says Audrey. 'I am obsessed with Banks too, she's so sultry but classy and enigmatic at the same time.' Catwalk wise, Audrey loves Tara Jarmon, and also takes inspiration from her best friend Haleigh, above. If your best friend isn't as ridiculously stylish, you can crush on Audrey's instead.

Don't Be Afraid Of The Statement Piece


'My Parisian surroundings influence my entire life, it's such an inspiring city, particularly for fashion,' says Audrey. French women are known for their smart, slick and effortless style. Somehow they manage to make the hard stuff look easy, like culottes – they might be notoriously difficult to wear, but make like Audrey and pair them with minimalist shoes and a boxy top, and you won't go far wrong.

Experiment, Experiment, Experiment


'Paris gave me the confidence to wear what always felt most natural to me, and so my approach to getting dressed has definitely become more effortless. I like to be spontaneous and fun, so I try out a lot of different styles,' Audrey explains. We would never think to mix orange, neon green and holographic shoes, but here's the proof: it works.

Rely On The Classics


'My style has certainly become more classic since moving to Paris, it's more conservative than when I lived in London,' says Audrey. 'Saying that, I still stand out terribly from the typical Parisian. I wear less make-up and invest more in quality pieces rather than chasing the latest trends.' Every girl should own a greige trench coat, but we love how Audrey has contrasted hers with pale pink accessories. And a bunch of roses, natch.

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