11 Of The Best Vegan Boots To Buy

The best vegan boots to buy this winter. Happy Veganuary.

11 Of The Best Vegan Boots To Buy

by Charlie Gowans-Eglinton |

If one of your new year’s resolutions (disclaimer #1: I made none, and so cannot fail) was to go Vegan, then you might be experiencing a wardrobe conundrum right now. In the face of trying to dress yourself in vegan-friendly stuff on a post-christmas budget, actually eating vegan seems like small potatoes (I’d imagine. Disclaimer #2: I am currently drinking a flat white. You know, with milk). And winter boots – warm, nice, hardwearing ones – might seem like the biggest potato of them all; we’re not just talking faux-leather here, but vegan-friendly manufacturing processes et al.

BUT there are actually some pretty bloody good-looking vegan boots out there, if you know where to look. Which is right here. Here is where you should look. Specifically, below this line.

1. Lace-up Dr Martens

YES Dr Martens you beautiful bastards. These are such a good shout - they look identical to the leather ones, but, well, aren't made of leather. CLEVER AND NIFTY. Wear them with everything but especially floral dresses like Claire Danes in My So Called Life.


Vegan 1460 Boot, £125, Dr Martens

2. Tan ankle boots

Great in the summer, with bare legs - quite Sienna Miller bohemian circa 2002. Also great with skinny jeans and such.

ankle boots

Village Short Bootie, £62.88

3. Low-heeled black boots

Trusty, these. Reliable. Good with black tights, good with jeans, just good in general. Smart enough for work, too - winner winner meat-free-chicken-alternative dinner.

black boots

Vegan Chic; Nina Black, £110.08

4. Triple-buckled ankle boots

Buckley and versatile. A bit looser-fitting on the ankle, so you could tuck your jeans in, should you desire to. Also snazzy enough for going out, I'd say.

buckle boots

Good Guys; Cecily Velvet Buckle Bootie, £125.75

5. Caribou boots

Ok, so I know these look like hiking boots, but what have you got against hiking boots? Handy for any impromptu hikes, but also i just think they're really cool. I'd wear them with a bare leg and some kind of pinafore-dress situation.

lace up boots

Cri De Coeur; Caribou Boot, £79.95

6. Black and brown ankle boots

Like a bit more of a heel, do you? Well LOOK NO FURTHER you hard-to-please person. These are the bee's knees, but even better, because no bees' knees were harmed.

Vegetarian Shoes; Frequency Boot, £125.75

7. Knee-high black boots

Are you cold? I'm cold. Is there a draft? Yay, knee high boots. Also, I like the equestrian buckle detail.

high boots

Olsenhaus; Knee Length Boots Black, £95

8. Lace-up low ankle boots

Feeling it. A bit 90s grunge, these remind me of the Kickers that I was never allowed, even though all the other girls at school had them. Life is unfair sometimes. Wear with a kilt, maybe, or at least a mini-skirt of some ilk.

lace up ankle boots

Wills London; Willow, £190

9. Elasticated knee-high boots

These are quite clever, aren't they - no more gappy calves. These bad boys will fit like a glove, and also make room if you want to tuck your jeans in.

knee high boots

Bourgeois Boheme; Sary Wide Leg Black Boot, £185

10. Black lace-up ankle boots

A less-stompy take on a lace-up boot. Pair them with rolled up boyfriend jeans.

black lace up boots

Beyond Skin; Eleonora Nero, £120.68

11. Faux suede chocolate brown ankle boots

Swap black for brown once it warms up a bit - it's a bit softer, and a perfect match for mid-blue denim and ditsy floral prints.

faux suede boots

Noah Shop; Lena Chocolat, £90.32, Good Guys.

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