10 Of The Best Phone Cases On Aliexpress for under £10

There are actually 10. That egg, though

9 Of The Best Phone Cases On Aliexpress.com for under £10

by Charlie Gowans-Eglinton |

Think of your phone like a tortoise; he’s* nothing without his shell. But unlike a tortoise, your phone can have any kind of shell that he likes. And if he’s anything like my phone, he’d like a shell adorned with either A) goggly eyes, B) a 3D banana, or C) an egg lying on a bed of sushi rice.

*Yes, phones are innately masculine. Possibly something to do with having to upgrade them every 18 months. Burn. Anyways, here are all the best phone cases on AliExpress right now. You're welcome.

1. Banana leaf pattern for Samsung Galaxy S3 - S6, from £2.07


2. Googly eyes pattern silicone sleeve for iPhone 5 - 6s, £1.75

3. Abstract colour block pattern for iPhone and Samsung, from £7.02

4. Kimoji silicone case for iPhone 6, £1.82

5. Marble print for iPhone 6/6s, £1.24

6. 3D egg phone case for iPhone 5s, £9.13


7. Liquid glitter stars and hearts case for iPhone 6/6s, from £4.50

8. 3D cartoon swearing cat for iPhone 5 - 6s, £3.51

9. 'Hotling bling' hard skin cover for iPhone 5/6/6 Plus, £2.08

10. 3D cartoon banana for iPhone 5 - 6 Plus, £5.62

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