How To Bejewel Your Own Slider Sandals Like A DIY Pro

Get your rhinestones at the ready

How To Bejewel Your Own Slider Sandals Like A DIY Pro

by Jenny Brownlees |

So, you bought your sliders last season and now you’ve worn them to death. Instead of throwing them to the back of your wardrobe, give them a revamp for SS 15. Yes, we know you could just buy another embellished pair, but you’re not made of money, and think how proud your gran will be when you tell her you’ve brought back Make Do and Mend. We’ve lusted after this Christopher Kane pair since last summer, but our feeble attempt at saving has meant our toes haven’t seen any bling. So let's DIY'em ourselves instead.


You’ll need:

One pair of sliders

All-purpose glue

Pliers and/or a hammer

Set stone gems / broken jewellery

We’re going to re-jazzle our cheap and cheerful Primark sliders from last season.


You can be as creative as you’d like with your choices of gems and stones, we went for a subtle pastel look with clear diamantes, and a lil bit of pink. Flat back gems are great for easy crafting, as are stick on gems (add a bit of extra glue on the back) and pretty cheap to buy, we used these from Hobbycraft, but set stones are really where it’s at if you want that polished look a la Christopher Kane. But, these are more expensive to buy, just a head's up. What you can do though is take apart your jewellery that you're not bothered about anymore, or buy some cheap new stuff you can dismantle - we used a Primark crystal headband and embellished bracelet for our crafting, at a bargainous £3 each (momma didn’t raise no fool).

Here's your how-to.

  1. Take your sliders, ready for their makeover

  2. If you are using jewellery, once you cut the elastic from a bracelet or necklace, you’ll probably find there are hooks connecting the jewels. These can be easily twisted off with pliers or, if like ours, there’s a raised hook on the back, flatten this with a hammer.

  3. Play around before you start sticking, and have an idea of the pattern you’d like to create.

  4. Start sticking your biggest gems first, and work from shoe to shoe, so you don’t end up with one fabulous right foot, get bored and mess up the left.

  5. When gluing, less is more! Although the glue is clear, you don’t want it poking out between that lovely bling. Hold each gem down for a few seconds to make sure it’s firmly stuck.

  6. You can go as simple or bejewelled as you like, once you’re happy with the position of your largest gems, you can smaller diamantes around, we even added bugle beads for contrast.


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