Becoming An Accidental Ginger. Suffering Hairdresser Separation Anxiety. And Other Things Only Blondes Know

Includes GIFs. And Sun-In.


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As if the whole world was a dumb blonde, there's been some dumb research done to prove conclusively, once and for all, that the 'dumb blonde' gene doesn't really exist. And that the gene that switches on blonde hair is not linked to any other genetic traits, including ditziness. Now, we could have told you this a long time ago.

But that assumption aside, there are some things that you'll inevitably have experienced if you're blonde – whether from birth or a bottle.

Such as:

You tried lightening your hair with Sun-In at school. And then you had to pretend you were aiming for ginger, all along.

You've spent so much money on hair lighteners, colour prolongers, moisturising masks etc that you can't even afford to go out and flaunt your do.

Natural blondes have issues too y'all. Chlorine + sun = green hair. 

Every. Single. Holiday.

You've had a full-scale meltdown when your hairdresser moved out of town…

…because you've learnt the hard way never to try to save money by letting a trainee hairdresser at your tresses.

You've inevitably been chatted up with the line: 'Do blondes really have more fun?'

Dying your hair makes it dry. Dry hair goes frizzy. Frizz is a HUGE problem

And finally, even though you've suffered the dumb-blonde jokes/prejudice on more than one occasion, there's no friggin' way you're going brunette. Are you mad, woman?

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