Why Having A Bath Is Friggin Ace And We Should All Do It More Often

Apparently we don't have baths anymore - here's why you should


by Charlie Byrne |

It's National Bubble Bath Day! Yes, that's totally a thing. But a study done by Laterooms.com has revealed that we're actually pretty rubbish at having baths. A third of British people take just four baths a year. That's one every three months! We're hoping they're showering in between...

47% of those people said that two of their annual baths are most likely to be taken in a hotel, even though 75% of us do have both a bath and a shower in our own homes. We're guessing it's because a hotel's bath doesn't need soap scum removing before you get in it, and also doesn't have a housemate's razor sloshing about in it.

It turns out that the main reason we're choosing showers over bathtime is because of the time involved in running a bath and wallowing in it. But come on guys, that's the whole POINT of having a bath - lying around taking some time to think about life's big mysteries instead of doing vertical acrobatics while you try and shave your legs as quickly as possible in the shower. The study showed that reading is the most popular bathroom activity, but also that 24% of us admit checking social media and texts while having a soak. We're getting it all wrong people.

The average soaking time is just 20 minutes, but we're all for promoting the 40 minute bath. Remember the kind? When I was at university I would have a daily bath that involved every possible element of personal grooming - scrubbing, shaving, polishing, moisturising, hair masque-ing, face masque-ing - you name it, I made time for it. And I was the smoothest, softest human in my halls as a result. But that was pre bills, pre job, and pre 'real' life.

Bathing doesn't have to cost a fortune and take forever though - check out these affordable products and speedy tools that you can indulge in to bring bathtime back. Grab your duckie.


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