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Barbie Is Reimagined As 96-Year-Old Style Icon

© Mattel

Of course, it’s Iris Apfel (in Gucci no less)

Barbie makers Mattel have recently unveiled a new set of celeb dolls which celebrate diversity. Plus size model Ashley Graham and Olympic female boxer Nicola Adams were both reimagined into their own mini plastic versions to celebrate International Women’s Day.

But the latest style icon to join Barbie’s gang is 96 year-old fashion legend Iris Apfel. The doll sees a likeness of Apfel dressed in a replica of the bright green Gucci suit she wore on the cover of her book, Accidental Icon, as well as her signature oversized round glasses and statement jewellery.

Iris Apfel is an obvious choice for Barbie’s fashion squad, a legend of the fashion scene her career in fashion and interior design has spanned decades and boasts over 827k followers on Instagram, where she documents her fabulous outfits. The 96-year-old New Yorker’s tag line reads ‘More is more & less is a bore,’ which perfectly explains her love for excessive dressing.

The Iris Apfel Barbie is sadly one-of-a-kind, so actually won’t be available to buy, but Mattel have confirmed they will be releasing a ‘Styled By’ range, where one of the dolls will feature style inspiration from the 'geriatric darling's' eclectic wardrobe.