Supermodel Barbara Palvin Talks Bags, Brooklyn And What It’s Like Living With Boyfriend Dylan Sprouse

The model has just designed a brand new bag for The Kooples, and she stars in the campaign with Sprouse.

Barbara with Dylan

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Ever since Barbara Palvin was discovered on the streets of Budapest by a model scout, she has forged an impressive career in fashion. She was featured in the iconic Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, she's walked for Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton – to name but two major designers– and now, she can add designer to that already long list. For Palvin has just teamed up with The Kooples to co-design a new bag, as well as starring in the campaign with her boyfriend, the actor Dylan Sprouse. So, we sat down with her to find out exactly what makes her tick...

'I live in Williamsburg, New York with my boyfriend – I moved here to be with him. I love that it is a little more quiet than in Manhattan, there are lots of great restaurants and we have a beautiful view of the city skyline. At the end of a busy day, we’ll open a bottle of mead – Dylan has a meadery called All-Wise nearby – and just look at the view or play some VR.'

'Work is often nearby- we recently shot a campaign together for Kooples, down the road in Brooklyn. There is a lot of movement within the pictures, and an elegance and an edginess. Our relationship is very energetic, so I feel like the campaign reflected that. I’ve also designed a bag for Kooples - I wanted something practical, elegant but still rock ‘n’ roll.'

The Barbara bag - The Kooples - £338 ©The Kooples

'Whenever I’m at home - whatever time it is - I get into my pyjamas. It is a huge t-shirt with a lot of holes in it. I’m in a constant fight with my mum and Dylan because they always want to throw it out, but I just love it – it’s so comfortable. We watch a lot of Anime in the evenings - we love Attack on Titan and Crunchy Roll. If we need background noise we usually put on Friends. Chandler is my favourite character because he is so dumb.'

'I do a lot of cooking but sometimes after work Dylan will cook for me. It will be something very yummy with a lot of unhealthy stuff - the last meal he made me was double fried orange chicken. When I’m in a sad mood he makes me green bean soup.'

'We go to bed at 9:30, so by 10 I’m usually asleep. I’m a very very deep sleeper. That’s my secret talent - I can sleep anywhere. I can sleep on shoots too - while I’m having my make up done, sometimes I just lie back and fall asleep. But I have a lot of nightmares.'

'I have my side of the bed, but Dylan does not respect that. He always comes over to my side! I believe that the man has to sleep on the side where the door, is so if anyone comes in and tries to rob or kill us, they get the man first. They’re the stronger ones – he can protect me.'

Barbara and Dylan in The Kooples mode ©The Kooples

'Dylan is a terrible sleeper - he often wakes me up in the middle of the night to snuggle me - it’s so annoying. He always falls asleep when he cuddles me. Sometimes if he can’t sleep, he plays video games because I’m always asleep and can’t entertain him.'

'The longest I’ve ever stayed awake is 40 hours. It was when I was really little, and I wanted to stay up for as long as possible on New Year’s Eve. I do miss the comfort of home when I’m away, but I have been working abroad from a young age so I’m used to it. I go away for two or three months sometimes. When I am away from home, I travel with my stuffed animal puppy. He is very stinky but he’s lovable.'

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