The Awesome Ella Eyre Talks Catsuits, Curls And Why She Doesn’t Care If People Don’t Like Her Look

Also: how to avoid those on-stage nip-slips. Crucial.


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When we speak to Ella Eyre, it's a really hot day and she is lying in a greenhouse - in a leather jumpsuit. ‘I am so hot, it’s minging! I put the jumpsuit on because it looked good. Beauty is pain,' she laughs.

We'd already fallen hook, line and sinker for British popstar Ella's voice - we were a gonner from the moment we heard her on Rudimental's 'Waiting All Night' track, like everyone else. But then we rung her up for a chat about her style, for this week's Debrief Dissects - and let's just say we liked this chick even more. 'I like to feel comfortable,' Ella says of her style. And if you don't like it, then in the nicest possible way, you can go take a hike. 'I don’t care if people think you look good, as long as I feel good. If someone doesn’t like it, it’s of little concern,' she says, unapologetically.

And rightly so. So here's the gorgeous Ella on catsuits, curls and playing on the same stage as Pharrell Williams...


On that hair

'My hair is the most eccentric part about my look! My curls are not perfect all the time. I tend to brush it - which makes it bigger than usual - and then I give it a tong. Tongs are my essential hair tool. I do give it a bit of help with the blonde, but I lived in Jamaica for a little bit so my hair has actually always been lighter from the sun,' she says of her statement hair.


On her love of the one piece

'I like one-pieces because they can be both smart and casual. I love dungarees - I would wear some stripey dungarees to a festival and my leather ones are a favourite. I always wearing a catsuit when I perform, because I like to be able to move and climb on things. I love feline prints and I like to think of myself in quite a feline way - my logo is a lion - so catsuits are part of the feline theme. Also in a catsuit, I don't have to worry about a nip slip. For my new ‘If I Go’ video, I wore a two piece by Herve Leger (I also wore him at the BRITS) which looks a bit like a catsuit.'


On festivals and stagewear

'I am playing a shit load of festivals this summer. I am most excited about the ones I haven’t been to before, like Standon Calling and Wireless. My live performances tend to be bolshy, fierce and excitable and I like to feel comfortable. Disco pants also really suit my lifestyle. I've never been into wearing trousers, but I started wearing them last year because I like the way they make my figure look. High-waisted stuff accentuates my body. Plus, they look great on stage. They reflect the lights and give a nice disco shimmer! I often wear Bobbi Brown lipstick on stage. I like red ones which are a bit orangey, as it really suits my skintone.'


On having a truck load of trainers

'Trainers go with everything. I have over 40 pairs, mainly Nike and there is a colour for every possible outfit. Air Max are my favourite shape. I am quite a tomboy, I’ve been on tour with 12 boys for the last month! I have recently got into heels, though. Who doesn’t love Jimmy Choo, or Louboutin. I do like Jeffrey Campbell as well.'


On her favourite wardrobe staples

'I am really into patterned and pinstripe suits, so I can look like bit like Willy Wonka! I wear a lot lot of sweatshirts - plain and simple ones from small labels like Nicci - and high-waisted jeans, from ASOS and Topshop. I like to wear block colours, too – so if I wear black, I like to wear all black - and I love wearing jewellery. I like to experiment with new ways to wear it. I also always have acrylic nails like claws, to add to my feline theme of course.'


On shopping

'I don't enjoy shopping for too long – I like to go in, spend half an hour and then go eat! Topshop has loads of great jewellery and Urban Outfitters is good for crop tops. I love Pam Hogg and Vivienne Westwood for accessories and Gogo Phillip also makes interesting urban, yet feminine pieces. I love RayBan sunglasses, too – I have the Clubmasters and Wayfarers and some new John Lennon-style ones. I buy a lot of vintage, though. I like Brick Lane for one-off pieces and get a lot from my mum's wardrobe, too.'

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