This New ASOS Feature Might Just Stop Us Making So Many Returns


ASOS cherry dress

by Emily-Rose Fedorowycz |
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Happy shoppers at behemoth e-tailer ASOS have taken to Twitter in their droves in appreciation of the brand, who is now is now modelling the same piece of clothing on models of different sizes and shapes.

With such an incredibly generous free returns policy, ASOS has almost shot itself in the foot, spending a countless amount of money every year on shipping services. But now it seems as though it might have just found a way to lower its return rate, by shooting the same item on different models, so that shoppers will have more of an idea how the piece in question will look on them.

We spoke to ASOS, who told us, “We’re always testing new technology that can make our customers’ experience even better. In this case, we’re experimenting with AR to show product on different size models, so customers can get a better sense of how something might fit their body shape.”

Retweeting one of its customers @ejhc13 who exclaimed, 'omg I love @asos even more!!! finally [sic] showing the same item on girls with different body types,' ASOS replied with, 'Keep your eyes peeled as this rolls out across our app'.

And people are responding very well to the news.

@SirenMoonBee tweeted, 'This helps massively, as I often wonder how clothes would look on me, when I’m clearly 5 sizes bigger than the model. Great move forward.'

While @marcellehoa said, 'This is super helpful! Definitely have had to return stuff as I just didn't realise it would look so different on somebody with my body shape! So pleased to see all beautiful shapes and sizes represented'.

When asked by a customer whether multiple models would be used to showcase the same piece of menswear, ASOS responded with, 'Hey, we're not able to say if this will be available for menswear just yet as we're still trying out this new tech but keep an eye on our app and our social media pages for the latest updates on this!'

So it seems as if this is a scheme still in its early stages, as so far we’ve only seen multiple models wearing the ASOS Cherry Dress, but we hope that it’s not too long until it's rolled out across the whole site.

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