ASOS Is Selling Denim Chaps, And We’re Not Sure What To Think

Just, why?

ASOS Is Selling Denim Chaps, And We’re Not Sure What To Think

by Lucy Morris |
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Even when Christina Aguleira released Dirrty, there wasn’t a rush on chaps. So, what makes ASOS and Jaded London think there will be now?


Where 2016 was the year of celebrity deaths (#rip), 2017 will go down in the archives as the year of ludicrous jeans. It started with Topshop’s plastic-knee pair, then they mutated into a fully transparent trouser, next Gigi Hadid wore Y/Projects detachable booty shorts, and now we’re here, staring at’s Jaded London Festival Chaps. For £65 they can be yours.

Available in a true blue wash with a chunky belt that keeps the chaps fastened in place. The studded chaps hug the legs and taper into a straight leg. As for what's happening with the booty, they have a cut-out butt, because why not?

As a fashion editor, few items of clothing really baffle me quite like this. I have a few questions I'd really like answered. For starters, are these even jeans? What constitutes two pieces of denim attachable by a belt as trousers? Are these not, leg warmers with an ego? A pumped up, over-promoted denim sock with a point to prove?

I'd also like to know, how the heck are you meant to wear them? Do you go full Aguilera and gyrate on the floor, swing around a boxing ring while wearing them over boy pants. Or do you do as the model has and wear them over jeans? If so, what the heck is the point? And, how is that possibly comfortable, practical of festival friendly? Can you imagine attempting to unbuckle your double pair of jeans in a portaloo while trying to breathe in the noxious environment or touch any surface more than necessary? Jaded London, please explain..

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