This Army Of Instagram Girls Will Show You How To Wear The Military Trend

Grab your khaki and your epilettes, it's time to dress up solider style


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Military is one of those eternally re-ocurring trends, it comes around every couple of seasons or so, and we're always looking for the latest update to the look. This season, it's a more polished vibe - we're talking brass buttons, smart shirts and badges of honour.

Not sure what to do other than dig out your combat trousers? Let these girls show you how suit up soldier style.

Get Needle Handy


Got a plain khaki shirt? Time to get your sewing kit out. Embroidered badges are going to be huge this summer (mostly thanks to Anya Hindmarch) but you can order military looking badges from eBay and then sew them on yourself for pennies. Line up a few down your arm, or try adding some thick gold braid for pocket and cuff detailing.

Pair Military Tailoring With Leathers


If you were in the army you wouldn't get away with creases in your shirt, and the same goes here. Tuck a loose khaki shirt into a slick pair of leather cropped trousers like Emmanuelle Alt, and add a pair of boots with attitude. Toe capped styles are back this season, if you really mean business.

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Go Luxe With Lace For A Night Out


Cara D's heavily embellished jacket looks brilliant worn over a sheer lace shirt, but if you need something less draughty (it is still January, after all) then try a loose, boxy T shirt, similarly tucked into a plain trouser or jeans to avoid distracting from the bling on the buttons.

Imagine You're A Russian Czar's soldier


We have no idea if this is historically accurate at all, but this jacket looks a bit like what we imagine Russian soliders in 1900 would have worn. If you can't find a ready made military jacket with faux fur sleeves, head to a haberdashery and embellish your own. Pair with something unmistakenly 2015 - like ripped jeans - to avoid looking like an Anna Karennina extra.

Don Some Camo


You can't get much more military than some camouflage print. This season, however, it comes posh. Minimalist camouflage, where the colours are crisp and sharp is the way to go - especially some printed leather or knitwear.

Embroidered shirt, £20, Topshop, Purse, £225, Cara Delevingne for Mulberry, boots, £69.99, Zara, shirt, £32, Asos

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