Curve Blogger Arched Eyebrow’s Fashion Line Deserves To Be Seen

Plus girls 100% need to know this brand

Curve Blogger Arched Eyebrow’s Fashion Line Deserves To Be Seen

by Georgina Jones |
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Finding clothing for plus sizes that is brightly coloured, stylish and affordable all at once is near impossible. Trawling blogs to see where our fellow fatshionistas find their killer looks can take up hours at a time, just in the hopes that you find something that appeals to you too. The influence of plus size bloggers on the fashion forward fat public is undeniable, and so it only makes sense to use said bloggers to design collections for plus size brands. Following through on this logic is Bethany Rutter, Arched Eyebrow and German based brand Navabi.

While Rutter admits that already working for Navabi gave her a head start in getting this project off the ground, it doesn’t diminish the hard work from either the clothing company or the young creative herself. Knowing exactly what the plus size world was sorely lacking, Rutter found herself filling in the gaps with her first line with Navabi, aiming - and succeeding - in creating a colourful and clean cut capsule collection that can be worn for any occasion.

‘I wanted to design the clothes I want to wear myself. I guess the inspiration was the lack that I perceive in plus size fashion, which is a lack of wearable, everyday clothes that aren't boring and make a statement.’ Commented Rutter, explaining the vision she has been holding on to for years, ‘I was given an amazing opportunity by Navabi and I wanted to use it to create something I hadn't seen before. I want to wear trousers with a big bow detail, I want to wear a button-down shirt with a big shoulder flounce, I want to wear a dress in a wildly unapologetic shade of red, so I was very intentional when designing.’

Rutter’s risks paid off, in part because they weren’t really risks in the first place. Just because something hasn’t previously been made for women, in this case plus size women, doesn’t mean it wasn’t sorely needed.

Speaking of the popularity of the green trousers in her collection, Rutter recognises that this isn’t a chance happening but a need and want being filled for a community. ‘We get stuck in this vicious circle of brands only making certain styles for plus size customers because they say that's what plus size women want, but they never offer an alternative that would allow us to prove we want something better, different, more.’ She continues, ‘I'm not surprised that a good-quality pair of Kelly green trousers with a paper-bag waist have been so popular: people are relieved that they can buy them.’

Editor’s Picks:

1. Green Paperbag Trousers, £69.99


It’s easy to see why these are a top seller out of the collection, as a great statement trouser is incredibly difficult for anyone to find, let alone for plus size women.

2. Ruffled Gingham Shirt, £59.99

This shirt serves as the perfect middle finger to anyone who feels fat people should wear ‘flattering’ garments.

3. Red Shift Dress, £69.99

The fear of rocking ‘shapeless’ garments that hide your figure is just as dangerous to some as not “dressing for your shape”. This dress shows that clean cuts are just as stunning on plus size women as they are on the Twiggy’s of the world.

As for a follow-up line, Rutter has her fingers crossed and her ideas at the ready in case of another Navabi collab. Keep an eye out, as more blazer colours are promised by the blogger and potentially more wintery looks.

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