All The American Apparel Stuff You Owned (And Bloody Loved) 5 Years Ago

Loved/ still love. You may or may not have worn *that* zip hoodie yesterday.

All The American Apparel Stuff You Owned – And Bloody Loved 5 Years Ago

by Megan Sutton |
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After news broke that American Apparel has filed for bankruptcy in the US, the internet is awash with articles discussing the financial implications of this decision and the future of the brand. Although TBH, after hearing the bankruptcy news our only thought was ‘ermagod disco pants though.’

So join us on a trip down over-priced memory lane, back to the good old days when AA was kitting us out in the trendiest outfits, and when it was socially acceptable to wear lamé

The flex fleece zip hoodie


So comfy. So trendy. With the help of this hoodie were totally channelling retro American jock vibes from our living room in Milton Keynes.

The bodycon dress

V sad that if we were to dig this little number out of the bottom of our wardrobe now, we’d probably have to team it with spanx. Savour your youth kids.

The Disco Pant

Ah, the quintessential AA item- the disco pant. Because who didn’t want to feel like post-makeover Sandy from Grease whilst in a shit club dancing to Katy feat. Snoop California Gurls?

The school bag

So much love for this bag. Shall we start a petition to bring back the ‘American Kindergarten child circa 1992’ trend?

The letter tee

Best. T-shirt. Ever. Annoying when your initial was sold out though. The only time we’ve wanted to be called Quentin.

The longest socks ever

Long socks with short shorts- a strong look, but one that we never, ever want to see a revival of.

The bodysuit

There we were, nailing the whole wearing tops thing, then along came the body suit and made life 95% more difficult. But American Apparel told us they were cool so it was totally worth the struggle.

Gold leggings

Whoever thought the worlds of gold and lamé should be brought together to create a viable trouser option such as these was obviously some sort of insane genius. Thank you, AA, thank you.

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