Fact: Amazon’s Own-Brand Label Is Actually Really Really Nice

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Fact: Amazon's Own-Brand Label Is Actually Really Really Nice

by Nadia Jae |
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So this really is a 'New Year New Me' story because I've turned over a new leaf, stepped out of my comfort zone and more importantly, out of my tracksuit.

Apologies, all of this dialogue and no introduction, my name is Nadia Jaeand I am a Radio Presenter, DJ, Blogger and I run a music platform called CRnB. I'm also a mum of one so when I was asked to do this I jumped at the chance. Mainly because I was looking forward to dressing up as an adult for the day.

Interestingly, Amazon has their own fashion line called 'Find' and I was keen to find out what all the fuss was about. I was pleasantly surprised to find high-waisted jeans, cute crops, tailored trousers and an array of colourful footwear to brighten up any wardrobe! But, the real question: how’s it fit?


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1. Reach For The Stars 

FIND Women's Star Print Wrap Dress, £33; FIND, Women's Zip Front Cropped Wide Leg Jeans, £35So this night time number has me excited as I genuinely thought it was a dressing gown. Issa dress. The Amazon Star Print Wrap dress is casual, comfortable and classy at the same time. Teamed with the flared jeans it really worked. So much so, I went braless with the dress as the ribbon tie held me in all the right places. The bows on the sleeves were a lovely detail too. Everybody's starry-eyed.

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2. MAC Massive 

FIND, Women's Oversized Belted Trench Coat, £41.70; FIND, Women's Vinyl Mini Skirt, £30Literally, I saw this trench coat and thought it was a duvet, it's huge! However, once it was on I loved the fit, the material was quite starchy (is this a word? I know you get it though), which was a good thing as it kept it's shape. At this point I'm still shocked that it's Amazon's own brand. They did well, you can't go wrong with a good mac. I'm not a huge fan of shiny materials so the skirt did have me worried. But the cranberry coloured Burgess boot were super comfy and worked with skirt. Perfect earthy tones together and I lost my fear of shiny items. Win, win.

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3. Shearling Showdown

FIND, Women's Shearling and Suede Look Jacket, £61; FIND, Women's Contrast Panel Straight Jeans, £37; FIND, Women's Faux Suede Lace-Up Boots, £46.20This was my number one favourite outfit originally, but then I tried it on. The jeans decided they wouldn't do up (got there in the end with positivity and perseverance) and the jacket was a little bit short on me. I rolled up the jeans for a more tomboy finish to go with the boots. The boots were my fave. I loved them! They were slip on's which I wasn't expecting but they definitely won me over. The jacket was very warm, super cosy. Just a bigger size and I'm here for it.

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4. Geisha Girl

FIND, Women's Summer Dress, £34; FIND, Women's Knee-High Boots, £41.80Yes I am so here for this look. I scraped my hair back and embraced my inner Geisha girl in this Amazon Summer Dress. Blue has become a new fave colour of mine so I knew the dress would sit nicely on my skin tone. The buttons are super small though, so long nails won't help you put this on. Now can we talk about the boots? The blue velvet slip-on sensations that I couldn't get enough of! My goodness ladies you need a pair. Super comfortable, super sexy and perfect with a pair of jeans. I may leave the tracksuits behind for good for these babies. Issa yes you did that from me.

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5. Working Woman

FIND, Women's Double Breasted Coat, £61; FIND, Women's Rolling Stones 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt, £21; FIND, Women's Tapered Leg Trouser, £18; FIND, Women's Satin Stiletto Court, £33.88Oh, I do love this long double-breasted coat. Comfortable and most importantly not too heavy. I'm 5'2 so I get drowned quite easily by coats but this one did me wonders. The tailored trousers and the pretty pink shoes gave the outfit a nice burst of colour too. I just felt like all I needed was a briefcase and I was boardroom ready. Black is one of my favourite colours anyway so you'd never hear me complain in this outfit. Issa Yummy Mummy.

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6. Clash Lightening 

FIND, Women's Camouflage Roll Neck T-Shirt, £7.56; FIND, Women's Metallic Ruched Skirt, £30So out of all of the outfits, this was by far the most experimental one. A silver skirt could also be renamed as my worst nightmare, and I'm barely seen out in print so I wasn't too sure how this would go down. Well as it happens, my fairy fashion godmother was in town and helped out because I think this look was one of my faves in the end. Fun, energetic and loud but I still feel super cute in the outfit. The studded boots were a little bit big but loving this outfit was my biggest surprise of all. Amazon you did amazing.

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