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Susie Bubble's into the new eBay aggregation tool Collections. And so are we


by Pandora Sykes |
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eBay is a goldmine; but it’s also one that requires serious man hours. Man hours that many regular humans do not have – which means that some of the best nuggets can be long forgotten. But imagine if there was a way of preserving all your favourite items in a way more aesthetically pleasing format than just ‘watching’ them (because who, let’s be honest, remembers to check their watch list?) and from a curated selection which has filtered out all the crap?

And what if along with perusing your own much yearned for eBay goodies, you could ogle and potentially purchase the picks of another expert? Specifically, the original style blogger Susie Bubble. Well, you can now borrow a bit of her style nous, as she’s selected a raft of brilliant pieces using the vintage site’s new eBay Collections tools.

Think of it as a shoppable Pinterest. You can divide up your favourite items – Susie’s got tons of niche collections like Brit Hits (compiled of bargains, relatively speaking, from British fashion designers such as Christopher Kane and Jonathan Saunders) and Chinoiserie Kitsch, which features lots of shiny nodding cats – which means you can shop, or window shop, thematically.


eBay Collections – whose other celebrity curators include Alex James and Dannii Minogue – launched three months ago and now has a whopping 200,000 Collections, compiled by eBayers themselves. It’s a way to showcase your individual style amid the monolith that is eBay; you make your selection eBay’s marketplace and compile your own Collections. What’s even better, of course, is that you can shop everyone else’s. You can then follow other Collections and they can follow yours.


Browsing never looked so organised. Or compulsive. The Debrief created its very own eBay Collections called Sunshine Slammers, which you can shop straight from our heart. Sadly these are not slammers of the alcoholic shots variety, but they are definitely more delicious. A Burberry macintosh for less than £80? A patchwork suede skirt for a mere dime? Your summer wardrobe will thank you.

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