There Was A Poignant Secret Message Behind Adele’s One Night Only Outfit

The singer wore custom Schiaparelli with a very meaningful pair of earrings.

adele one night only concert

by Hannah Banks-Walker |

While UK fans won't be able to watch in full One Night Only, Adele's pre-taped two-hour concert with an accompanying interview by Oprah, many clips and excerpts have already been shared online. This includes an emotional proposal orchestrated by the singer, who chose Schiaparelli Haute Couture (again) for her performance at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, as well as accessories hiding a very poignant message.

adele schiaparelli dress one night only

Adele's dress, a black silk faille draped dress with a black moon rock embroidered bustier, was created for her by Daniel Roseberry, Schiaparelli's creative director, who also produced a pair of custom Saturn pendant earrings for the singer. These were made to match a relatively new tattoo which Adele has on her forearm, symbolising one of the most difficult periods of her life.

adele's schiaparelli earrings
Adele's Schiaparelli earrings

Speaking to Vogue__ last month, Adele explained that when she hit her 'Saturn return', she 'lost the plot', stating that her 'entire life fell apart.' She continued: 'When that comes, it can rock your life. It shakes you up a bit: Who am I? What do I want to do? What makes me truly happy? All those things.'

It seems that Adele got a new tattoo to signify this event, which in astrology refers to the moment when the planet Saturn returns to the same position that it occupied at the moment of a person's birth, thus representing new beginnings and periods of great change. For her tattoo, therefore, Adele opted for the planet with a drawing of LA in the middle – her new home.

adele saturn tattoo

While, sadly, Adele's astrological earrings aren't available to buy, there is one way we can channel the Schiaparelli dress which Adele wore to a wedding fairly recently. Or you can just try not to cry while you watch this video from One Night Only.


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Adele Hair Evolution
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It's easy to forget the colour transformation that Adele's hair has undergone, never mind the styles. We love this glossy auburn shade seen here at 2008's Brit Awards. Remember when Adele was all about that low bun taken slightly to the side and a deep side part?

Adele Hair Evolution
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There's something so beautifully 60s about Adele's thick, glossy fringe here, and the volume styled in to give her height at the crown of her head. Attending 2008's Nationwide Mercury Prize event Adele loooks every inch the 60s siren.

Adele Hair Evolution
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And just like that Adele's hair colour changed! Pictured here in 2011 at the MTV Video Awards Adele's lightened up honey toned hair colour perks up her complexion no end, and with all that volume those 60s vibes are still very much present.

Adele Hair Evolution
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Pictured performing at the same MTV Video Awards in 2011 Adele's hair team got to work in record time to bestow her with a long and luscious ponytail. We were in awe.

Adele Hair Evolution
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Who could forget Adele's epic Grammys spree in 2012? Her hair look errs more on the 40s and 50s side of things here with those glamorous Hollywood waves.

Adele Hair Evolution
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Pictured signing autographs ahead of an appearance on BBC Radio 2 in 2015 Adele's hair proves it's got just as much style off the red carpet as on it - what we would give for that effortless glamour.

Adele Hair Evolution
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We can see a few changes in Adele's hair look here at the 58th Grammy Awards in 2016. First of there's the colour, her hair has been lightened up towards the ends and through the sections that frame her face, it's a style many copied at the time. The volume in her do has been taken down a notch and tousled waves as opposed to large, glossy, Hollywood ones are the order of the day.

Adele Hair Evolution
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We were head over heels for this Brit Awards appearance back in 2016, just look at that bob! Softly blowdried lengths paired with sunkissed highlights, a match made in heaven.

Adele Hair Evolution
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Let's turn our attention to the 59th Grammy Awards in 2017 and that up do. Have you ever seen anything so immaculately swirled? This one's definitely a pro only job, but we could look at it forever.

Adele Hair Evolution
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This next shot comes via Adele's Instagram page (follow here @adele). This shot appeared in praise of Beyoncé's latest release, but all we could look at were those curls. It remains to be seen whether they came by way of a tong, a perm or a bit of scrunching but we're all for it - and look how long Adele's hair has gotten too!

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