9 Trophy Skirts For Under £32

Not to be confused with normal trophies, which you shouldn’t buy, only win.

9 Trophy Skirts That Could Be Your Very Own If You Paid £32 Or Sometimes Less

by Charlie Gowans-Eglinton |
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Skirts are good for when you don’t want to wear trousers. According to these guys, we should all wear skirts with bare legs but will we? Will we heck. it’s cold out there, and legs don’t shave themselves. Still, a jazzy skirt is a good way to suggest to your boss that you have ‘made an effort’ without taking off your poloneck. Or you can wear one to the pub and everyone will think ‘who’s that girl in the great skirt? She is probably really cool and maybe in a band’, which will be nice.

1. ASOS, £30


2. Zara, £19.99

3. Topshop, £32.oo

4. River Island, £30.00

5. H&M, £29.99

6. Missguided, £12.00

7. Zara, £25.99

8. Dorothy Perkins, £22.00

9. New Look, £19.99

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