9 Times JLo Showed Commitment To A Look Via The Medium Of Accessories

Only pussies think less is more.

9 Times That JLo Showed Commitment To A Look By Accessorising

by Charlie Gowans-Eglinton |
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When JLo hosted the AMAs (you can’t watch that dance too many times, you guys), it struck me just how much she commits to a look. I mean – the DSquared2 bodysuit. That dress made of rope. That other dress also made of rope. She even killed it in a bathrobe and hair towel.

But do you know what? Something was missing. Don’t get me wrong. She looked great. Better than great. But where were the sunglasses? The belts? The lace gloves? Where was the drama?

I met JLo once, and she loved a knee-high boot and there were a lot of hats. A lot. This is for them. In memoriam.

1. The Wide-Brimmed Hat


Reasons to wear a wide-brimmed hat include – 1) it’s sunny out, or 2) it really goes with your outfit. Reasons to wear a wide-brimmed hat on the red carpet include – 1) You’re JLo.

2. The Pashmina

Your mum always liked pashminas, and she was right to, because they’re the perfect way to ‘keep it classy’. Coincidentally, pale pink was also my pashmina colour of choice circa the millennium, so JLo and I have something in common.

3. The Beret

Here, JLo accepts a fashion award in 2002 wearing a beret. Note that there’s none of that off-to-one-side-je-ne-sais-quoi shit happening here – Jlo likes her berets served straight up.

4. The Bandana

JLo and Puff Daddy, as he was then called, made a pretty slamming couple. I still think that they should give it another go, to be honest, but at least I have this picture to remember them by.

5. The Perm

In this very particular instance, I hope JLo will forgive me for describing her hair as an accessory. But how could I not, when it’s able to outshine a heather-purple eyeshadow, brown satin, and a severe case of ENS, and serve as a reminder that JLo is one of FHM’s 100 sexiest women in the world even when she turns with little orphan Annie corkscrew curls.

6. The Cap

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that she’s got, or the fur coats, either – she’s still the the same Jenny from the block who likes to finish off a look with a baseball cap.

7. The Statement Belt

If you thought that Sienna Miller broke new belt ground with the metal-and-leather-disc-belt, then you thought wrong. JLo was using low-slung belts to hold up nothing as far back as the year 2000. Special mention to her indoor scarf, too.

8. The Colour Coordinated Baker Boy Cap

Best of both worlds, this one – chic beret meets street cap. The versatility of this option allows it to be worn with a velour tracksuit or a flamenco dress, providing that it’s exactly the same colour, to ensure cohesion.

9. The Red Carpet Boot

You don’t see a lot of boots on the red-carpet, but Jen loved a pointed-toe number - nothing says 2005 like black suede boots with a ruffled chemise dress, y'all.

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