9 Denim Things That Are Not Jeans But Are Clothing To Buy For Less Than £50

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9 Denim Things That Are Not Jeans But Are Clothing To Buy For Less Than £50

by Charlie Gowans-Eglinton |
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Ah denim, most versatile of fabrics. Shall I compare thee to a chambray? Thou art more warm and more hard-wearing.

If you’re not a big fan of jeans (although really, we’ve talked about this) then a denim shirt/jacket/dress/skirt is the only sensible way forward. Maybe try some dungarees – there is a danger of camel toe if you have a long body (so I am told by people with long bodies. Ok, just one person) or looking like a toddler, but life is about taking risks.

Otherwise, buck up your ideas and wear these with jeans and a shoelace tie, like a ranch hand.

1) Dugarees, £35.99, Zara


2) Denim top, £35.99, Mango

3) Aline skirt, £45, & Other Stories

4) Denim jacket, £49.95, Gap

5) Vintage dungarees, £49, Urban Outfitters

6) Denim smock top, £35, Asos

7) Button midi skirt, £42 Warehouse

8) Western shirt, £34.95, Gap

9) Zip up skirt, £30, River Island

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