8 #OOTD Ideas To Help You Get Dressed

'Cos no one wants to spend Sunday night freakin' about what to wear to work this week.

8 #OOTD Ideas To Get You Through This Week

by Anna Jay |
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Anyone else spend a fair amount of their Sundays wondering what the fuck they're going to wear to work the following week? Normally it involves a lot of wardrobe hating. Well stop. Instead grab your phone and follow these babes. All the clothes inspiration you could ever need.

Blaire Eadie


Palm print is the trend that just won't piss off. But hey, we kinda love it so it's ok. For a new take on the look team with some glad sandals - aka the shoes of SS15.


Camille Charrière

One pair of dungers, add bretton tee, and trainers. Done. Chanel bag def not necessary, especially if your bank balance looks anything like ours.


Gizele Oliveira

These high waisted raw hemmed ASOS jeans are everywhere (even four members of The Debrief have them). Add pool sliders and you'll look just like this. Promise.


Frédérique Tietcheu

Like summer, but hate summery girly dresses? Add a pair of boot DMs to tough up the look. Add an epic smile.


India Rose

The crop flare is the trousser shape de jour. Just ask Alexa if you don't believe us. Borrow any old blokes white tee and some old Vans.


Olivia Purvis

Anything with tassles will basically make you a winner in the style this summer. Yep, that includes your nans curtains.


Vanessa Hong

White jeans aren't just for Liz Hurley, but make them look less cheese, more please by adding rips or huge whopping knee holes. Chunky silver also advised.


Danielle Burstein

This bucket cross rucksack is bag version of a Big Mac and fries at the end of a night out. Aka really bloody good.


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