8 Older Women At #PFW Who Are So Much Cooler Than Us

It seems like it's not just wine, friends and cheese that becomes better with age

8 older Ladies at #PFW who are so much cooler than you

by Tabi Jackson Gee |
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There are times in life when you have to really sit back and assess your wardrobe. For us, that’s every six months when fashion weeks come around and our newsfeeds are littered with impeccably dressed editors and bloggers giving us a friendly reminder that we aren’t, and never will be, as cool as them. And none more so than the Anna Dello Russos and Iris Apfels of this world, who are giving us all the clothes goals at Paris Fashion Week this month, reminding us that truly great style really does come with age.

So will all you squawky young fashion bloggers please step aside, the real women are coming through. And here’s to getting older, to being better dressed, and just generally being much, much better at life.

1. Iris Apfel


The number one spot naturally goes to Her Majesty The Queen of Cool Iris Apfel. She’s been cooler than you for over eighty years. Along with her oversized glasses and penchant for wearable tech, she’s also a straight-talking, no BS-ing all round dude.

2. Anna Dello Russo

Next up, it’s Anna Dello Russo, channelling her inner Cruella De Vil and taking serious style inspo from My Little Pony (maybe). Put this picture in a time capsule and open it when you’re fifty, as a colourful reminder that getting old does not mean you need to stop dressing how the heck you want to.

3. Anna Wintour

This look makes us very much want to be grown ups. Like, proper grown ups. Who wear beautiful long coats. And brush their hair properly.

4. Elina Halimi

Elina Halimi is one of the younger older ladies on this list, but the red headed Stylist has earned her place amongst the grown ups none the less. The wild red hair, the flashy mismatched prints, this lady knows exactly what she’s doing: schooling life.

5. Lucinda Chambers

Lucinda Chambers, you absolute babe you. The Vogue Fashion Director often gets overlooked in favour of Anna Wintour when it comes to Vogue best dressed lists, but her style is equally as fantastic. Wide-legged trousers and platforms, we’re coming for you.

6. Guilia Meterangelis

She’s got a long waistcoat jacket, leather trousers and a pixie haircut that you’re always saying you’re going to get but really you’re way too scared to. Yes ladies, stylist Guilia Meterangelis is older than you and cooler than you.

7. Kris Jenner

When you think about who the coolest Kardashian is (important Friday night pub discussions, no?) it’s easy to forget about Mama Jenner. But she’s the matriarch, the founder of the gang, the boss lady. And she’s bossing it in faux fur and shades right here.

8. Carine Restoin-Roitfeld

Oversized shades? Check. All in black? Check. One more fashionista who’s much, much cooler than you? Check! Former model, writer and Vogue editor-in-chief Carine Restoin-Roitfeld has got it all going on.

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