7 Ways To Wear A Bardot Top, Courtesy Of Instagram

7 ways to show off your shoulders this summer.

7 Bardot Tops To Show Off Your Tanned Shoulders

by Charlotte Davey |
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Bardot tops are now a well-established summer staple. Off-the-shoulder numbers are great for showing off necklaces and chokers, and are a cracking way to tan your shoulders without ghostly pale bra strap lines. We've gathered seven of our favourite examples from Instagram to inspire your summer outfits.

1) The Co-ord

Get a load of this paisley pattern. The top would look amazing worn with or without the coordinating shorts, and it's handmade.

2) The Ruffles

While this is slightly reminiscent of the dancing lady emoji, we love the bright red, ribbed fabric, paired with a matching lipstick.

3) The Summer Dress

Ok, this is a dress, not a top, but it's gorgeous, so we know you'll forgive us.

4) The Florals

The flashes of blue on the floral print makes this top perfect to wear with jeans, and we love the tie up straps.

5) Thick Stripes

The stripes on this top are so vibrant that even if the weather's shite you can't help but feel sunny.

6) Thin Stripes

This top is super lightweight, so perfect if England decides to bless us with some warm weather one of these days.

7) The Flared Sleeves

How graceful is this candy pink top?

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