7 Ways To Dress For Spring Without Getting Your Legs Out

Yep, we're all bored of winter dressing - but blue knees aren't a thing (unless you're a Smurf, in which case go right ahead...)

7 Ways To Dress For Spring Without Getting Your Legs Out

by Chloe Laws |

Spring and its mild weather has arrived which means trans-seasonal dressing is at its peak, but if you’re not quite prepared to go bare-legged yet then don’t worry...these stylish ladies show us that it's not a necessity. Bare legs can mean a whole ritual of shaving, moisturizing and tanning; which is a lot of effort that not everyone can be bothered with. Moreover, the temperamental British weather makes it too risky not to layer up.

1) Megan Ellaby:

Sometimes minimalism trumps everything. The lightweight materials make this outfit a winner for spring! Pairing together a khaki bomber, plain white tee and a calf-length skirt creates a flattering silhouette.

2) Chloe Plumstead:

Mom jeans don’t always scream spring, but the way these are paired with a Victorian-esque floaty blouse keeps it seasonal. Accessorising is key with this look. The strappy sandals show a hint of skin, and elevate the look. Whereas the fedora acts as a statement piece, plus it's also practical because it sheilds you from all types of weather.

3) Emma Hill

Off-the-shoulder tops have been dominant in the high-street’s Spring/Summer collections. They look fab with high rise jeans and a pair of heels for a dressed-up spring look. Shoulders are way less maintenance than legs too.

4) Daisy Keens:

The flashes of skin break up this outfit and keep it from looking too wintery. Who doesn’t love pom-poms and leopard print?!

5) Isabella Thorsden:

Loads of lose-fitting layers are the order of the day here - with the added bonus that it'll disguise the massive lunch you're going to have later.

6) Liv Blankson:

Not only a stylish ensemble but also super versatile. When summer comes just ditch the jeans and tah-dah, you’ve got yourself two outfits in one.

7) Tasha Green:

This suit says 'I've got my shit together'. This is power-dressing at the top of its game. The magic of this two-piece is in the way it manages to retain a sense of femininity and spring-like feel, while also looking like a total boss outfit.

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