7 Wardrobe Staples You Should Never Part With

New Year's resolutions meant giving our wardrobe a bit of a re-vamp. But it's the end of January and we're craving our wardrobe staples - we promise to never leave you again.

7 Wardrobe Staples You Should Never Part With

by Jennifer Richards |
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At the beginning of the year, we were all talking about our fashion resolutions. We’d wear more colour, try a different style of shoe, or become that person who always wears hats. But January’s almost over, and I think it’s fair to admit that our outfits haven’t drastically changed. The idea of ‘New Year New You’ has well and truly gone out the window. What was wrong with the old you anyway? So it’s time to celebrate all those wardrobe staples we were right to never part with. Here’s our Insta-idols showing us how it’s done:

1. Stella Katterman

The striped shirt is the one item of clothing everyone seems to have. Maybe it’s because stripes are meant to be super flattering, or maybe we just have a thing for the nautical.

2. Freddie Harrel

The best thing about a leather jacket is that it’s perfect for in-between weather. When it’s too hot for a coat, but you’re freeze to death without one, the leather jacket is there to solve all your worries.

3. Thrifts And Threads

Boyfriend jeans prove that the whole comfort vs style debate is pointless. Because you can just have both. Whether it’s for a lazy Sunday or a meal out, boyfriend jeans will always be the go-to choice.

4. Chriselle Lim

There’s always a new coat trend every winter, having seen the military style coat, the fur jacket and the puffa jacket all come and go. But the one that always re-appears is the trench coat. So hopefully you didn’t throw yours out in your wardrobe re-vamp…

5. Sidewalk Stories

If I could only keep one item of clothing, it’s got to be the plain white shirt. With a messy bun and boyfriend jeans, you’ve got yourself a lazy Sunday outfit, but with a pencil skirt and some heels, you’re ready for your Monday morning meeting.

6. Wearing It Today

Nothing beats the coziness of an oversized jumper. Even if all the designers in the world told me that it wasn’t on trend, I would never part with my (stupidly large) collection of oversized jumpers .

7. We Wore What

The glorious turtleneck. Saving necks from the cold everywhere. Whilst also looking super stylish. Really, we owe turtlenecks a lot – we promise to always keep you in our wardrobes.

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