7 New Ways To Wear This Season’s Maxi Trend

Because it really is September now

7 Ways To Wear Maxi Without Looking Like Your Mum

by Polly Riggs |
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There’s no use denying it anymore. We may have been clinging to August’s coat tails but summer is drawing to a close, and it’s almost time to shroud those legs just as you were getting happy with your tan.

The best way to survive the September turmoil? Midi and maxi skirts. Cool enough to allow for sticky mornings on the Underground, warm enough to survive that sudden downpour that always seems to strike at lunchtime.

Here’s how our Instagram favourites styled them.

1. @whatwouldvwear


Okay, so she's in California. But a flowing, pleated maxi skirt in a bold colour is a great way to pretend you are too. Team with a crochet top for ultimate season-chopping power.

Similar Skirt, Asos, £35

Similar Top, Boohoo, £8 in Sale

2. @meganellaby

Dress down a velvet maxi dress like @meganellaby with trainers and a clevage-hiding top. Warning: side effects may include shouting "FEEL MY DRESS" at anyone you come into contact with.

Dress, Urban Outfitters, £59

Similar Bodysuit, New Look, £12.99

Similar Trainers, Office, £51.99

3. @emshelx

A slit in the front of a skirt makes you feel 900x sexier. Fact. (Probably). A great way to show off your summer legs but keep enough material around to avoid goosebump-peril.

Similar Dress, prettylittlething.com, £30

Similar Shoes, House of Fraser, £79 in Sale

4. @elliemack_

If you're feeling brave (or want to feel like a bride all day), try a layered lace midi dress. Pair with a splash of colour for a glamorous evening look.

Similar Dress, Warehouse, £125

Similar Shoes, Office, £70

5. @fifinewbery

Long sleeves are pretty much back for good (cue Gary Barlow). As part of a pattern-clad, ankle-flashing wonder-dress though, that doesn't seem such a bad thing. Disclaimer: sunglasses may not be necessary.

Floral Midi Dress, £45, Dorothy PerkinsFloral%20Midi%20dress){href='http://www.dorothyperkins.com/en/dpuk/product/clothing-203535/dresses-203559/floral-midi-dress-5821333?bi=0&ps=20&intcmpid=Featured:DP:Category %20%3E%20Dresses%7C(07245545)Floral%20Midi%20dress' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer'}

Similar Shoes, Boohoo, £15

6. @beccadudley

Sheer maxi dresses are a great way to bridge the summer/autumn confusion, and still get your legs out (ish). This bright bomber might make @beccadudley festival ready, but it'll also turn heads on the dancefloor now that festival season is over.

Similar Dress, Asos, £195

Similar Jacket, Missguided, £40

7. @jestil211

Layering a colourful, summery skirt with a baggy jumper is the quickest way to be weather appropriate but still retain semblence of style. Because your mum was right after all.

Similar Skirt, New Look, £11 in Sale

Similar Sweatshirt, New Look, £12.99

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