7 Hats To Wear When The Sun Comes Out

There's no excuse for a sunburnt scalp

7 Hats To Wear When The Sun Comes Out

by Charlotte Davey |
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Unfortunately, in England, summer doesn't equal sun. When it does, though, we face a very real risk of ending up hot, sweaty, peeling, and burnt to buggery. No matter how much factor 50 we baste ourselves in. And every summer, we always seem to forget that getting sunburnt on your head is a thing. If the sun makes a fleeting dash out of the clouds this week, or you're heading to warmer climes, swap a peeling hairline and rouged scalp for a sun hat. We've found Instagram's finest to inspire you.

1) The Classic Straw Hat

Look, even if the sun isn't shining, you should definitely invest in a straw hat. It'll complement any summer dress and magically makes you look classy.

2) The Embroidered Hat

Straw hat, sequins, AND pom poms? I don't think we need to justify these beauties. Just get one.

3) The Suede Cap

Not everyone fancies flitting around in a summer dress and floppy hat, and we salute you for that. This rose coloured suede cap from Gold-Soul LA is perfect for an edgier summer look.

4) The Boater Hat

Henley Regatta may be over for another year, but the timeless boater is going nowhere.

5) The Visor

Visors may conjour traumatic memories of aggressive P.E teachers (just me?) but in Wimbledon season, they look cracking both on and off the court.

6) The White Hat

Plain and simple, this tops off an outfit while drawing attention to its brighter elements.

7) The Scarved Hat

With this old fashioned look, you may run the risk of looking like Truly Scrumptious, but with heavy makeup and contrasting clothes, you can definitely pull it off.

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