6 Ways To Get Under The Skin Of 2017’s Bodysuit Trend

This is the 2017 update to the Going Out Top.

6 Ways To Get Under The Skin Of 2017’s Bodysuit Trend

by Lucy Morris |
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Forget Paris and Milan, a significant number of our current trends can be traced back to one city: Los Angeles. And, two of the City of Angel’s key players have recently been breathing new life into a once forgotten piece, the basque.

The women in question are Kim Kardashian (groan as much as you like, but she’s arguably more influential than any couture house when it comes to styling trends) and this era’s Rachel Zoe, mega-stylist Monica Rose. Both have unanimously agreed that the basque is 2017’s answer to bodycon.

Even though this piece was last popular in the 1980s during Madonna's Like A Virgin phase, it’s successfully and stealthily transitioned from underwear to outerwear. Plus, it's intimate past means it’s a 2-in-1 bargain because it generally comes structured with a built-in bra.

The basque knowingly riffs on the current corset trend that stalked winter’s catwalks. From Prada to Balmain, the fashion community united to bring structure to shirts and loose tops with the addition of a new-look waist cincher that was always styled over (rather than under) clothes. While the basque may not have the rib-crunching capabilities of a corset, it has the same unapologetically provocative appeal.

And, the best thing about this rising trend is that it’s still extremely affordable as vintage shops haven’t clocked its coming. So, go dig through your local thrift store’s rails and find yourself the hottest thing in after dark dressing.

1. Instagram: @palomija


As Paloma Elsesser proves, this look isn’t all about how much skin you can plausibly show. We love how she’s layered her cropped basque with a long-sleeved top as it’s modest without being prudish.

2. Instagram: @bellahadid

While this may look like lingerie don’t feel under pressure to go braless if you don't want to.

3. Instagram: @samimiro

A top with a built in bra is your underwear drawer’s unsung hero. Unafraid to be sexy, Sami Miro teamed her nipple-freeing cami with a Clueless-worthy skirt.

4. Instagram: @sukiwaterhouse

Take last year's crop top trend into 2017 with a corseted cami like Suki’s.

5. Instagram: @jordynwoods

Jordyn Wood’s sultry NYE look proves that a skin slick lace basque is the best antidote to the boyish tailoring of a silk pyjama suit.

6. Instagram: @toniblaze

Model Naomi Shimada radiates joy as she wears her silk and lace bodysuit to add a contrasting texture to her peachy keen sequin Ashish co-ord.

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