5 Ways To Wear Jeans When You’re Going Out Out

And so begins another Christmas Eve night out in your home town...


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It's Christmas Eve and you've just got back to your parent's house. You have one hour to decide what to wear but it’s freezing cold and you’d rather spend your change on a Jaegerbomb than the pricey cloak room. You could go for a skirt or a dress but you don't have time to shave. You message in the Whatsapp chat ‘what’s everyone wearing.’ The response? ‘Jeans and a nice top.’

1. (meganellaby) Nothing dresses up a pair of denims as much as sequins

You can get this sequin sweater from Next

2. (kristy.lani) Matching bodice and shoes to distract from the fact you’ve been wearing the same jeans since 9am

Lace heels and bodysuit from Fashionnova

3. (joannakuchta) Thigh highs are basically a second pair of socks, right?

ASOS Glamorous Thigh High Black Chunky Heeled Over The Knee Boots (say that twice)

4. (maybrumm) Since when did your décollotage get cold, anyway?

Get a similar bardot crop top from Missguided

5. (leannelimwalker) If in doubt, bring out the cami

ASOS do a similar white V front cami.

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