5 Times That The Witches Was So AW15

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5 Times That The Witches Was So AW15

by Charlie Gowans-Eglinton |

The Witches is an absolute gem of a film from 1990, based on a Roald Dahl book. If you haven’t seen it – spoiler alert – here is a summary. Grand High Witch Anjelica Huston goes to Newquay for a mini-break, peels her face off, and then turns two kids into mice before being turned into a (really gross) mouse herself and getting chopped up with a meat cleaver. Happy endings all round, apart from the little girl who dies alone inside of a painting. Bummer.

It’s also a really hot hot pot of AW15 style inspiration, and you could learn a lot from it. Like these things:

1. Berets

If this Marc by Marc Jacobs AW15 beret homage is too subtle for you, then let me refer you to the Gucci resort ’16 collection, where one look involves BOTH A BERET AND A SNAKE. And what does that chocolate bar turn into? Cue not so surprising plot twist IT WAS A SNAKE GUYS.


2. Sports casual

Luke looks like he would totally hit the courts in this. Tres sporty – this has Lacoste written all over it. Although now that I think about it, he really under-utilised the leisure facilities at that hotel.

3. Square-toed shoes

Witches have stumpy toeless feet, which is super handy as toes are a total hindrance and I never believed that bit about pinky toes and balance anyway. And it means they’re well-poised to take advantage of this season’s square-toed shoe trend.

Square Toe Court Shoes, £30, Next

4. Bobble hats

I mean, this is Gucci all over. ALL OVER. Extra points for Heidi plaits, minus points for living inside a painting.

Alpaca Wool Hat, £50, Ralph Lauren

5. Buzzcuts

Exactly. Mic drop

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