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To celebrate the new Lot 700 series, Levi's have tasked Hannah Crosskey, of A Fashion Fix, with the #30DaysOfDenim challenge.In this series of articles, Hannah is telling us all about her experience spending 30 days in the Levi's Lot 700 collection, and the 6 fits it comes in. From the 710 Super Skinny to the 714 bootcut, the Lot 700 series fit SO perfectly that the denim heads at Levi's reckon you'll be inspired to do ALL SORTS of things for the first time. Not only will Hannah be wearing the jeans, we've also asked her to try new things for the first time, from knitting, to bubble tea.

Hannah popped into our studios to show us her outfits from her second week and tell us about all of the new things she tried!


This week, with winter well and truly upon us, Hannah tried knitting for the first time, in the hopes of knitting a scarf for herself. She went with a mustard yellow to perfectly complement the blue Levi's sweatshirt. For her knitting, she wore the super comfy Levi's 712 Slims. NB: No evidence of the scarf on her person. We're assuming the knitting was not THAT succesful. Worth a try, Hannah!

Another first for Hannah in this week was Bubble Tea! Hannah's verdict on the tea? 'Delicious, if a little bit too sweet. Not as slimy as it looks.' Our verdict on Hannah's outfit? We love it. The 710 Super Skinny Jeans are perfect for achieving that 'casual-but-done' look.

Have you ever played darts? This week we asked Hannah, usually more of a white-wine-and-a-boogie kinda gal, to give the classic pub game a go. No bullseye on the first go, unfortunately, but she told us she enjoyed it and is going to challenge her husband to a game next time they're down the local. For her night at the pub, Hannah wore Levi's 711 Skinnys in indigo, with this gorgeous Levi's leather jacket. We like. Also: kudos for playing darts in heels.

For her final 'first' of the week, we decided to task Hannah with baking a cake. We wanted her to get her Nadiya on and whip up a Victoria Sponge for the family, as, shock horror, this is something she's not tried before! We can't comment on the cake quality, because we weren't saved any (HMPH!), but we CAN comment on this awesome slouchy day time look, pairing the Levi's 715 Bootcut jeans with this supersoft cardi.

Hannah showed us the rest of her looks for this week, and we're loving what she's pulling together for her #30DaysofDenim challenge. We can't wait to hear what she got up to in week 3.

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