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To celebrate the new Lot 700 series, Levi's have tasked Hannah Crosskey, of A Fashion Fix, with the #30DaysOfDenim challenge. In this series of articles, Hannah is telling us all about her experience spending 30 days in the 6 fits of the Levi's Lot 700 collection and all the new things she's been inspired to try. From the 710 Super Skinny to the 714 bootcut, the Lot 700 series fit SO perfectly that they take the stress right out of jean shopping.

Hannah popped into our studios to show us her outfits from her third week and tell us about all of the new things she tried!


Do you remember when you were younger, before mobile phones, and like, when you said you were going to meet your mate, you HAD to be there, in that place, in that time. Your only other option was to use a pay phone. And that was usually to tell your dad you were ready to be picked up from the cinema. Well, we challenged Hannah to a bit of nostalgia, and asked her to make her first milennial call on a phone box. Dressed in black Levi's 710 Super Skinnysand a denim jacket, she looks great doing it. She called her husband, just FYI. Told him to get the dinner on.

The first meal of the day is an important one. Naturally, we wanted to see what Hannah wears for a lazy weekend brunch, and it's the 711 Skinnies with knee detail and this super soft Levi's white jumper. Obviously, we're also interested in what she's eating. Croissants and fruit are the safe choice. We wouldn't brave a bacon sarnie in that top either - definite temptation for ketchup spillage.

For her next challenge we wanted Hannah to embrace the Grunge trend and try out a fake piercing for the first time. Having already had her nose pierced as a teenager, Hannah was keen to give that another go - this time going for a ring over a pretty diamante stud. We think it suits her! Yay or nay? Especially loving the knee detail on these 711 Skinnys, paired with the Levi's leather jacket.

When we were chatting with Hannah, we found out that she and her husband are buying their first house, which is one of the most exciting things ever - but also one of the most stressful too! We wanted to see what she'd wear for starting her packing and LOVE this super comfy look. Pairing the 714 straight jeans with this classic Levi's white tee keeps her looking super stylish whilst lugging boxes back and forth and mentally planning how to Pinterest-ify her new home.

Hannah showed us the rest of her looks for this week, and we're loving what she's pulling together for her #30DaysofDenim challenge. We can't wait to hear what she got up to in her final 7 days!

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