3 New Fashion Designers To Name Drop Now


3 New Fashion Designers To Name Drop Now

by Charlie Gowans-Eglinton |
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In between shows at London Fashion Week, I wandered around the stands – exhibition cubicles for jewellers, accessories-ers, and young designers, all jam-packed together on what used to be Level two of the Brewer Street car park. These young guns put on a very sparkly, shiny show – which drew me over like a moth to a lurex flame…

Kitty Joseph


Initially, it was the magic tree that drew me to Kitty’s stand. But once I’d finished shouting MAGIC TREE, pointing, and smiling open-mouthed at strangers like a lunatic, I looked at the clothes, too. And then proceeded to paw the pastel-rainbow-striped pleated skirt, sports mesh separates, and marbled latex mac, before turning my attention to the perfecto round-framed ombre perspex sunglasses, in gradational shades of purple and blue.

Clio Peppiatt

Sidestepping a huddle of people around the handbags, I headed straight for a purple skirt, striped in PVC and suede, where a pink leather cat reaches for a glittery silver disco mouse. The skirt rubbed shoulders with rainbow-brite faux fur coats – pistachio green and sulphur yellow, lilac and fluoro coral – and a purple latex mac covered in embroidered patches of aliens and spaceships. Think Barbie’s dream house meets Xanadu meets the dream date game meets Patricia Arquette in True Romance – all mixed up and sprinkled with glitter. As I left, I saw what was at the centre of the huddle – a pink snakeprint clutch bag, appliqued with silver smiley-face clouds, that charges your phone.

Sadie Williams

After her brilliant capsule collection for & Other Stories last year, Sadie Williams is making plans – from her pop-up HQ stand at LFW. You know those really cool beds with a desk underneath that your parents wouldn’t buy you (life is so unfair) when you were 13? Sadie had one of those, adorned with handmade lurex flowers, polaroids, and printed notebooks – one of which had been nicked on day one, she told me – and a rail of glitter-chiffon pinafore dresses, skirts and jackets, even stripey sparkley sheets on the bed above. It was great, and I was jealous, and I wanted everything.

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