The £15 Hands Free Bag With All The Razziness of a Clutch

Because sometimes all you want to clutch is your pint


by Laura Silver |
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Can we just talk about clutch bags? Wonderful as they are, it's got to be said that they're really only suitable for people who can manage to go out with little more than a credit card and a house key, and who won't have to scrabble for a round of drinks at a busy bar. They're the same people who can get away with owning anything that's white and dry-clean only – those impossibly glamorous women you always (and only ever) see in the street style section of American Vogue.


Not that we don't love a fun bag as much as the next Anya Hindmarch and Olympia Le Tan fan - we love them dearly, but clutches are for special occasions. Sometimes you want a bag big enough for your purse, keys, phone AND a few lipsticks, that you won't lose so easily on the bus home, you know? Round of applause to Monki then for blessing us with this super-cool Sahara bag, which at £15 is a steal too.

In yellow snakeskin, it's got all the razziness you'd want out of a clutch on a night out (doesn't it remind you of those awesomely reptillian coloured knee boots Prada did for autumn 2011 too?) but you can sling it accross your body and dance to your heart's content with a drink in one hand and the other one free to nick your mate's crisps.

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