13 Lovely, Lovely Things To Buy With Hearts On

Wear your heart on your sleeve. Or bag. Or top. Or pants. Just wear hearts you mug.

13 Lovely, Lovely Things To Buy With Hearts On

by Jess Commons |
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1. This Heart Necklace


Lazy Oaf, £35

2. This Feminist Heart Brooch

Trouva, £9.50

3. These Heart Earrings

Wolf & Badger, £12

4. This Heart Pin

Nasty Gal, £11

5. This Heart T-Shirt

New Look, £12.99

6. This Heart Sweatshirt

Lazy Oaf, £35

7. This Heart Spoon Necklace

Ethical Market, £62

8. These Heart Jeans

BooHoo, £27

9. This Heart Bomber Jacket

Fred Perry, Amy Winehouse Foundation, £110

10. This Heart Necklace

The Hambleton, £7.50

11. This Heartbreaker T-Shirt

Rad, £19.90

12. This Heartbeat Necklace

Silkfred, £15

13. This Hearts Sweatshirt

Gem&I, £40

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