11 Things to Buy Immediately From Opening Ceremony

New York Fashion Week is looming, but if you can't stretch to the air fare, here's one way to fake the NY It Girl look

11 Things to Buy Immediately From Opening Ceremony

by Lucy Morris |
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The wheels of fashion’s ever-churning trend wheel is about to go into overdrive as New York Fashion Week starts in just two days. Whether you’ve got frow seats next to Anna or your weekend plans are Netflix and pizza, stay one step ahead of all the NY street style stars and put Opening Ceremony’s new collection in your virtual basket. You won’t regret it. Promise.

1. Elastic Logo Short-Sleeve Tee, £63.53


2. Signature Coach Jacket, £165.17

3. Flounce Hem Pant, £232.93

4. Fairytale Reversible Silk Bomber, £444.69

5. Gestures Crepe Godet Skirt, £317.64

6. Babies Long-Sleeve Tee, £127.06

7. Diamond Hoodie, £80.47

8. Rib Snap Pants, £249.87

9. Established Map Tee, £127.06

10. Dip jeans, £211.76

11. Fur Trimmed Hoodie, £190.58

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